New here, very scared! High grade changes at 2nd colp. new

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. Have just spent the last hour crying at the bottom of my stairs after recieving a letter from the hospital. To fill you in on some history, I had my first smear in July 2014 and a colposcopy, which saw mild changes and so had my 6 month follow up in January. At my first colposcopy the nurse biopsied a few areas, but they came back clear and only showing high-risk HPV. At the second, the nurse (a different one) said that the area that had been flagged up from before now looked to be clear, and that it all looked fine, no need for a biopsy. However, the letter I just received states that the smear shows 'high grade changes' and I am to be discussed in the meeting at the end of the month. I'm devastated as I really hoped that things would be normal, but am now terrified about what this could mean, and if I have cancer. I know that sounds silly but I have had intense pelvic and tailbone pain and pain during sex for months, and was diagnosed with endometriosis in October after a laproscopy. I have recurring thrush and cystitis and generally feel terrible all the time, but am now concerned that I could in fact have had cancer the whole time, but in an area they haven't looked at yet.


Any words of advice or from anyone in a similar situation would be lovely. I am sitting in floods of tears and so worried!


Thank you for reading this epic spiel!


Charlotte x

Hi Charlotte,

do not be worried. I also was in a similar situation a year ago, when 6m After LLETZ i started to bleed after sex. I convinced myself i had a cancer (ovarian, of the cervix, bowel, you name it!). I went to my gynae who did a smear and colposcopy and could not see anything. Nevertherless the bleeding stopped... If they have found something serious in your biopsy, i am sure they would not wait tp discuss your case at the end of the month. I think high grade means CIN3 (I have had that treated with LLETZ). If you are not sure, just call your GP or the nurse and ask them to clarify. Fyi, i used to suffer from thrush too, then stopped eating pizza/bread (food containing yeast), cut down on sugar and started taking probiotics and i have been thrush free for the last 3-4 months :). 

Hi Charlotte :-)

Sorry you are having a miserable time :-( I used to be plagued by recuring thrush and cystitis as well and it really knocks the stuffing out of you doesn't it! I feel for you really I do.

But Evie is right, whislt you might have a whole basket-full of nastiness going on down there, it's not looking very much as though it's cancer so just try not to worry too much and try not to scratch too much either. I'm not sure now which of those two is the more difficult but I'm sure you'll let me know :-)

Be lucky