Advice please

My smear came back low grade and hpv found. I went to the hospital for a colopscopy this week and the nurse said she can see the minor change and took biopsys. I have to wait 4 weeks for results. Now I'm still worried that something is wrong I've came out of there still with questions wishing id asked. She didn't say much just that she could see the minor change she told me not to make another appointment and that she would write to me is this normal percEndure? Will my biopsy show cancer so worried any advice welcome thanks ladies xx

I very much doubt your biopsy will show cc. I was told the same as you and got my biopsy results today and they showed all clear. Such a relief. 


Try not to worry I know it's easier said than done but really I'm sure u will be fine xxx

low grade is CIN 1 or possibly 2, so that's what I'd expect back from your biopsy. They may offer you further treatment or just keep an eye on you for the time being. It's impossible not to worry I know, but please try not to xx

Hi Natalie

Thought I'd let you know the same thing as happened to me although my smear was negative I tested positive for HPV, one the high risk types.  Anyway at my colposcopy the consultant said the changes he could see were just minor and HPV related, my results came back as CIN1 and he will see me in 6 months for another smear and colposcopy.  This is usual procedure for low grade as they will 'watch and wait' as its quite normal for cells to regress back to normal. 

Try not to worry too much, I know we do as I have but you have to try and get on with life as normal for now.  I am pretty sure your changes will only be like mine, minor.

Take Care