Results but I'm scared still

Hi everyone, 

so I posted a few weeks ago I'm 26 and my first smear results came back as mild changes but I have hpv so I was sent for a colposcopy. I went for this a few weeks ago and the doctor said that it looked 'sore' and she took a punch biopsy. I'm not exaggerating but I though this procedure was awful. I'm not a weak person. I've had two kids naturally, have had numerous internal scans but the biopsy hurt me. Anyway I got my results back a couple of weeks later and it says I have CIN1 and CIN2 but the letter also explains that the presence of cgin and the presence of invasion cannot be assessed. So they just want me to go back for another colposcopy in 6 months.


i know I should be happy but I don't understand why they aren't treating it. I'm just going to be scared now for 6 more months. I went to my gp to see what he thought but he said he didn't have a clue why they weren't treating. Did anybody else get this response? 

Hi Holly,

Sorry to hear that you found the biopsy painful, especially as you are a veteran of natural childbirth!

I am no expert on this but I think I am right in saying that some of the milder abnormalities (CIN 1 or 2) can clear themselves up naturally and so they aren't always treated. It's often better to delay treatment and watch to see how it goes. If they were to treat everything none of us would have any cervix left at all! Keep yourself fit and healthy to boost your own immune system and hopefully it will all go away of it's own accord in the next six months

Be lucky


Hi holly,

My results also showed cgn high grade changes.

I belive the CIn 1&2 can clear up by themselves.

Did they tell you the grade of cgn.

I belive at my procedure they got rid of the cells, did they definetly juat do the biopsy or did they get rid of the cells?

I'm booking a gp appointment for this week to have the cgn results explained as not really sure what it is and if they got it all.

Sorry I can't be of much help, but thought I'd write as I'm not feeling that great after my results to.



Hi EMS, 

It was definitely just a biopsy she did and if I'm totally honest I don't even know what cgin is. I'm trying not to Google :-) 

I am just worried about how little my GP knows and I don't have a contact number for the colposcoly doctor.

And Tivoli you are 100% right I have wanted to lose a couple of stone for a while, so ill get back to the gym and start looking after myself. Thank you for your advice.

Sorry about spelling my tablet is on predictive and I'm not sure how to change it lol.

CGIN is the same as CIN but in the glandular cells as opposed to the cells on the surface so it's a bit harder to spot.

I think :-)

Be lucky