Rpt colopscopy (pregnancy mentioned)

Hi all, I had firat smear December 2014, result high grade changes,

I then had treatment 2 weekslater, had a biopsy and all the bad cells removed.

I received my results a few weeks later stating c1n3 and high grade/server

Cgn changes.

Today I had my follow up colopscopy and met with the consultant who

Explained my results from 6 months ago. She explained the cgn changes

Were very servere and could of changed into cancer but she was positive 

They hadremoved them all. Subsequently she went on to explain that

Because how high up the cells were that if I was To have a baby I'd be

At greater risk of miscarriage or a pre term delivery. This shocked me

As I didn't realise this was a risk. Obviously I would of had the treatment

Whatever, but surly the practitioner who carried my treatment out last

Decemeber would of realised who high up the cells were. But

I wasn't told. I got told I would be discharged to my gp, it

Was only a few weeks later when I got results that I was told I'd 

Need a repeat colopscopy in 6 months, I presumed this was protocol.

I know have been told following my colopscopy today that if any of the

Results are higher then Cgn1 cin1 I would need more treatment 

Immediately, or if not I'd have another colopscopy in 12 months, if

That is nornal then onto 3 yearly.

I guess I was a bit shocked about the miscarriage pre term pregnancy.

Has anyone had server Cgn changes had treatment and had a 

Successful full term pregnancy.

I really appreciate people are in a lot worse place then me and 

Completely empathise with them. But it's one of those things,

I wish I asked more when I was in there but this information took

Me by surprise.

Thanks x

Hi Emz, 

I think you have replied to one of my posts and ive just seen this one of yours. As I said in my other post I have/had cgin too....I was told before my treatment/biopsy about the small chance of it effecting pregnancy and the small threat of early labour/miscarriage. This was explained to me as because they were taking away a part of the cervix higher up it could effect the ability to hold a baby. I too was a little shocked by he explained that if I was to fall pregnant they could simply put a stitch in to provide more support.

Try not to worry too much....I think sometimes it is a lack of information that is more concerning and if explained properly to you you will probably feel a bit better. My GP is great so im sure yours would answer some of the questions you have.


Take care xx


I don't know any details, but my aunt had cervical cancer - it was successfully removed & she went on to have her second child (she also had a stitch to ensure that she could carry the baby to term).  Sorry I can't give you more specifics, but hopefully it will help just knowing that it definitely is possible to still have children despite the risks you have mentioned :)

Thank you both for your comments. Reassuring to hear people have gone on 

To have normal pregnancy and there are options such as a stich.

I think I just wish I asked morpacifucally what the risk was for me and how

Much of my cervix they had to remove. But like said before, my mind was

Blank during the appointment and I Was quite taken back by what was

Being said.

I think I'll wait for my next lot of results and perhaps try speak to my gp

As he should be able to see my lab report, how much was removed and

Hopefully answer my questions for me and not just a general bit of

Information they have to tell you regarding pregnancy.

Thanks again. Xx