Biopsy on normal cervical tissue????

Hi everyone, I'm new. Just a quick back ground on my previous treatments. I had an abnormal smear result in 2011 CIN111 which I had lletzz treatment for. Been fine since till 6 weeks ago. Started with spotting which at times would increase to heavy bleeding outside my period. Doctors diagnosed a polyp last Thursday which I was referred  for urgently(this worried me anyway). I was given an appointment for today, so super super quick. Arrived almost in tears at the thought of having it removed .the colposcopy revealed no polyp just a clumpoffs scar tissue from previous treatment.  I was so releaved, and had fully expected to have a smear as I'm due one anyway. But after applying the solution the doc said she wanted to take a biopsy of part of my cervix thhas wasn't looked at last time? This makes no sense. Do they take tissu for testing that looks normal? Or has the solution revealed an area of possible abnormalities? I feel so silly for not asking but I fainted as soon as she had finished and got ushered out for a hot drink. I'm just worried, as from what I can gather, I biopsy is only taken if the cervix shows signs of abnormalities? Has anybody else experienced this? I found the first colposcopy completely painless, and the one today was extremely uncomfortable. I'm struggling to sit down! This worrys me also. Please could somebody help? I thought I would leave today feeling so much better,and I feel worse :( 

Sorry about the spelling, predictive txt isn't my friend ;) 


I'm sorry you're left with so much uncertainty after your appointment (and that you're feeliing uncomfortble after the biopsy). Sometimes they can be painful, it doesn't mean anything, and it may just be the location of where they took the biopsy that's making you feel it more.

I'm afraid I can't really answer your questions but didn't want to read your post and not reply. I wonder if it might be possible for you to ring the clinic tomorrow and ask to speak to someone? Explain that you're uncertain and as you fainted you didn't get the chance to ask questions. This can hopefully confirm whether they saw anything with the solution, or whether it's just a precaution as the area wasn't biopsied before. 

At my last appointment they took 3 biopsies, and the doctor had told me they couldn't see anything on my cervix, so that shows they do take biopsies just to check. For me it turned out there was CIN1 (which my smear had shown anyway) BUT please know that most woment are fine after LLETZ, over 90% in fact, so there's a good chance you will be too. 

I would encourage you to ring the clinic as at least you'll know what's happening then. You're bound to worry between now and gettign the results, but having a chat with a nurse or doctor at the clinic could make a huge difference to you.

I wish you well, take good care of yourself x

Thank you for reply Smile That does make me feel so much better that you also had biopsys taken on what appearto be be normal tissue. I just want the results back now so I can sleep without worrying :/. My last smear test 6 months ago was fine so I amreassured by that I suppose. Is inormal for it to feel uncomfortable to sit and walk around? I feel like such a drama queen after my fainting episode, and now if I feel like this I'm not sure I can go into work tomorrow :( I feel sad and emotional and drained also. None of which I felt last time. Thank you so much again for your reply. I hoped somebody else out there had a similar experience x x x xx 

Hi there,

Try not to worry, I had 3 biposies on 'normal looking tissue' as precaution, because i had irregular bleeding but normal smears, these came back normal. They still scheduled me for a lletz procedure (i had it today) again on 'normal looking tissue' I was told this was again precautionary and would help with the bleeding that i've had. Just awaiting the results now.

As for feeling uncomfortable, that is completely normal, I've numerous biopsies in the past and a cone biopsy and x2 lletz procedures...My experiences can only be described as tender, tired, period pains, back ache and overall delicate :S I am taking regular pain relief for the next few days. xxx

Thank you again for your reply! Wow so they really do take them as a precaution. I feel so much better now! I'm just going to feel a tad silly asking work for another day off. Everyone seems to cope really well but I feel miserable Frown Just hope work understand x x

Hi there,

Please don't feel silly if you need another day off work. It's normal have pain, cramps etc afterward, I've always experienced this and needed time off work. You've had some tissue cut out of a sensitive place after all. Also a lot of people feel emotional afterwards, I certainly do. You don't expect to end up back there after treated for any reason, so I think that in itself is tough, plus you were thrown by the fact they took a biopsy when you weren't expecting it. 

All that you're feeling is normal, so please be reassured by that. Take good care of yourself, and if you need another day off work that's fine, do what's best for you x