Biopsy CIN3 + VAIN3 but consultant wants MRI, anyone understand this?


I haven't been diagnosed with invasive cells but neither have I been given clear margins at either of my 2 lletz. At the second one they also discoverd vain and lasered it or something. (I have no idea because i was GA and was discharged without seeing anyone)

There has been a massive lack of communication between the hospital and myself and I have no clue whats going on. I was supposed to go and see my consultant today to discuss "managment". But the consultant's secretary rang and said there was no point going as I needed an MRI first. There was something mentioned about MRI on my discharge summary back in Dec but when i didnt get an appontment for one I assumed that it wasnt needed as my biopises came back cin/vain3. 

Any clues?




Hi Meraud,

I'm afraid I'm not able to shed any light on it but totally feel your frustration on the lack of communication.  The waiting and waiting... becomes almost unbearable. 

My lletz was carried out on 3 Dec and I was told a 3 to 4 week wait.  I rang the hospital today to see if I could find out anything to be told the consultant was wrong- it's 6 to 8 week wait and if everybody rang for their results they'd never get any work done.

I hope you get an appointment to see your consultant soon and can get some clarification. 

Very best wishes x


It just seems to be dragging on so long. I had my first lletz in September and i still dont have the all clear. It's mentally and physically draining. The consultant rang today to explain that the MRI is just an extra check before they make a decision about managment. More waiting....

I would think it’s to check there isn’t anything underlying. I had cin3 with inconclusive biopsy, when they done a letter taking a bigger sample they found something more sinister, not that there is necessarily anything to find in your case, it’s just belts and braces xx

Hi Meraud,

Just wondering how you went on with MRI - was thinking of you on 14th.  Hope everything is ok. 


Thanks very much for thinking of me. 

The consultant rang this morning to say that the MRI showed a small abnormal area behind my cervix. So not the best news. I've got to have a PET-CT scan next. Hopefully i dont have to wait too long for that!

I hope you get your results soon