Confusing results

Hi, I had lletz and laser today under ga for what the consultant was sure was cin3 and vain 2/3. I had a read at my notes while waiting and everything pointed to this even the report from colopscpy showed my whole cervix and part of the vaginal wall was covered, yet when the consultant read the biopsy results today they said the samples where clear of everything? He seemed confused and decides to still ahead just to have another look and treat whatever was there. Is it possible for these things not to match? I have heard of a lower grade being given after biopsy but to be completely clear of anything after an Abnormal severe smear and colopscpy showing up as so much? I guess I will know when I have my follow up in 6 mths but just curious really x

I'm in a similar situation. My original results came back severe but the biopsy didn't show anything, so they took a larger one yesterday at my lletz. The doctor told me that there's a panel that meets regularly to discuss results that don't match up, but he did come to speak to me about it after the procedure, but since I was coming round from the GA, I have absorlutely no idea what he actually told me. So now I'm back to waiting for results! 

Yea I'm pretty much the same, i had a read at my discharge letter and even it said cin3 and vain, and the fact that the treatment still went ahead shows there must have been something there? I just get more confused every step of the way. Good luck with your results when you get them and I hope your recovery isn't to bad x

Hi, I had a severe smear and a biopsy taken at colposcopy, the letter I had said CIN2 but the report they'd sent back to clinic said it was "CIN2 difficult to grade" and "possible high grade" I then had a second colposcopy where the cns took 2 more biopsies both came back showing no pre cancerous changes.. Im being discussed at the next mdt in may but from what id been told at my last appointment I expect to be in for lletz under general anaesthetic. It's concerning having such a mismatch between results! Hopefully all is well now you've been treated.