Hi did anyone have an MRI when their smear and Loop excision identified severe abnormalities CIN 3?  



I had LLEITZ done and then histology showed CIN 3 and had an MRI done within the week.


Is there anything in particular you wanna know?






Hi Martine, thanks for your reply.  I guess I was a bit surprised by the decision to do the mri and feel really scared by it.  They spent all last year telling me it wasnt it is just abnormal cells and not cc and so I feel freaked by the fact that they have said that they they just want to check that there is no cc hiding furhter up in the canal.  I couldnt find anyones story who had an mri who hadnt already been diagnosed with cc.  A x


Hi, i had my MRI before the loop, they suspected CC but only found CIN3, it was very worried at the time but now i am reasurring that they did everything to check up that there was no nasties lurking further up the canal. They also did a womb biopsy on me too, just to check that. All came back OK by the way, and the MRI is an OK scan to do so its a good thing they are checking this for you.

take care

thanks suz2.  I know its good they are looking for anything - just raised the game from being abnormal cells - which they wanted me to be calm about to being potential cc and I am sure you appreciate it becomes worrying.  Glad to hear all worked out well for you, fingers crossed.  x