Biopsies showed an abnormality and now the hospital are having a Multi Disciplinary Meeting! Anyone have any experience please!

Hello i am 25 my smear came back High grade Dyskerosis and had a biopsy and just had a letter saying they are having a meeting about it called Multi disciplinary meeting. i am so very worried does anyone have any experience of this :-( Thank you x

Every case that may need treatment will be discussed at an MDT. they will discuss your results and discuss what treatment/which nurse/consultant will deal with you etc. its almost like a rubber stamping/planning meeting for their work load. as soon as your case is discussed they will let you know what treatment plan they intend to offer you. Hope that helps. X

Hi, I had the same with a pinch Biopsy. Then had my loop a few weeks ago.

It's not too bad the loop for treatment, seems worse than it really is :)

Good luck x

This is standard they do it with everyone that comes up with abnormal results and it carrys on sometimes after. You will be invited to a meeting soon where they will discuss with you what the findings are and what they recommend. It's hard not to worry and get worked up but try not to until you know what your dealing with.

I hope it's good news for you 

Thank you for your comments it means a lot! I will keep you updated. I just hope I hear from them soon xx

I've been going for checks up for some time now as I have a white patch on my cervix.  All my smears come back normal but every biopsy they have taken comes back with mild changes.

My last biopsy in May came back CIN1 but again, the smear was clear.  Now, I'm not sure how that works.....

Anyway, my case was discussed at an MDT and they have decided that the best course of action is for cold coagulation.  They can't do the loop (LLETZ) as the area is too big.

Anybody else had this?


Paula x

Hi there,

I had a call back they haven't had their MDT meeting yet. But they just said that my smear and biopsy were both abnormal and because of my age (25) they don't know whether to do treatment or see if it goes away on it's own..... they are going to discuss at meeting.

Moglet, how old are you? I had a small white area on my cervix. 



Hi Charley, I'm 39.  All my smears have come back negative.  My hospital only has the MDT's once a month.  I work in the hospital in question so I know a bit about the system etc...,

I have had three (I think) checks ups at 6 monthly intervals and have had a biopsy taken each time.  Each time the smear has been clear but the patch still there.  They have confirmed it's CIN1 but too big to loop.


Paula xx