Back pain/ period pain

Hello girls,

I am 20 months after my treatment radio/ chemio/ brahi.
But now, for a week I have back pain like during menstruation. And it doesn’t seem to calm down.

I did the last MRI in October and it came out ok.
But now I’m quite scared…

Have you been through something like this?

Hi, since the cold weather started I had so many different aches and pains and just last week I had 2 days or three with period like pain and it stopped. I don’t know if it has to do w the winter. Keeping you in my prayers, I know how it is to live w this fear.

Hi @AnaMD

The fear is so real isn’t it. Cancer takes so much :weary:

If you’ve had an MRI in Oct I’d take some comfort in that but I’d be speaking to my CS nurse or your GP. I don’t play around any more when I have aches and pains.

I am only four weeks out but I’ve come to realise I need to get everything checked out if only for my mental health.

Sending hugs

Thank you for your answear. You gave me a little confidence that everything is fine.
I hope you are well.

Thanks for the reply. I think we will stay with this fear for the rest of our lives.
I have an appointment with the oncologist next week, I’ll see what he says.
I ask the doctors about everything, but I’m glad to know your experience.

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