Awaiting results from biopsy

Hello everyone,

I’m going absolutely crazy waiting for the results from my biopsy. It was my third colposcopy due to being HPV+ and moderate cell changes detected each time. It will have been 4 weeks tomorrow since my appointment. I’m trying to tell myself this is a good thing as it may not be urgent. However, I keep having pains in my pelvic area - I’m hoping it’s all in my head but I can’t stop myself from googling things and obsessing over it. I’m logging onto my NHS app looking for results all day long! Is anyone else finding themselves in this situation? I am tempted every day to call the hospital but haven’t done so yet as I know they are busy and I don’t wish to be a burden. I think the lady said I can call for results after 5 weeks.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice or coping strategies for dealing with the waiting time. I’m so sorry if I am being over dramatic and I know there are people in far far worse situations than me. I feel very lonely and I’m just not coping well. I also have 2 toddlers who need me to be at my best!

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Hi gemmaev
I’m completely in the same boat as you! It’s driving me crazy I’m on week 3 after lletz awaiting the biopsy results. I have a two year old too, I’m a stay at home mum and feel like all I’m doing is sat checking my nhs app every min or reading up on supplements etc I’ve even noted everything down like a diary and wrote questions down that keep popping up in my head so I have them for my next appointment. You are certainly not alone!

I’ve been trying to keep busy cleaning, going for a walk when it’s not raining and watching films or playing with my little one. I have found writing things down questions or my feelings from colposcopy has helped me as I seem to not be thinking of it like I’ve wrote it down don’t need to remember it now lol.
Hope your not waiting too much longer x

Hi @gemmaev

It honestly doesnt matter where we are in our journey everyones situation is just as valid, its a stressful time and waiting for results/follow up appointments the worst part of it all

Its not likely you will find out anything through the NHS app, the records on there are our GP records and our GPs get sent the same letter we do, our letter is just a copy… as we are under the care of the hospital and not our GPs they arnt involved in our care until we are discharged back to them for follow ups and its the GP surgery that updates the records

Its alot easier said than done but try to keep busy and try not to over think it… my results took 8 weeks to come through, what helped me was reading the positive outcomes, researching as much as i could about HPV and cell changes, it brought some comfort reminding myself “cell changes are common but CC is not” xx

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So sorry to hear that you are going through this, I am in the same boat as you and the waiting it torturous.

I had a biopsy over 4 weeks ago after my follow up smear from Lletz treatment showed that I was still HPV + and had some abnormal cell changes. The rest of the process has been so fast with regards to receiving results and appointments that I thought I would have revived my biopsy results by now.

I have called the hospital to no avail, I know they are busy and I do not want to burden them but I am also unsure on how I will receive my results (I was just told I would receive them within 4 weeks). Previously smear/ colposcopy results have been sent in the post and followed up by a GP call who often received the results before myself. Will a letter get sent to myself for biopsy results?

Today I logged into my NHS App and “asked a GP question” to follow up my results. I then received a text saying a GP telephone appointment is required to discuss the results with an online link to book. I stupidly selected Tuesdays appointment thinking that it was today to only realise that it is in fact booked for Tuesday 25th - meaning 2 more weeks of an agonising wait.

I am hoping that prior to the appointment I will maybe receive a letter with my results but I’m not sure if that’s how the process works…

Any advice/ confirmation of how people have typically received their biopsy results would be hugely appreciated, whether that be GP appointment, GP call and/or letter or a telephone call from the hospital?

I know how you all feel I got my lletz 4 weeks ago & I called last Thursday the secretary said my biopsy results arrived that morning and they on the consultants desk to read. I called back Friday & she said he’s been called to an emergency clinic and to call back today. The weekend has been awful knowing they are back but he’s not opened them! I’m going to call now wish me luck :sparkling_heart:

Hi Paigeh95
I received my endometrial biopsy last year by letter from colposcopy dr (this was a negative good news nothing to be seen letter). This year on the nhs app I’ve so far seen my updated smear results that was taken at my colposcopy from 3 weeks ago and a letter from the dr explaining what she saw at the colposcopy I’m still awaiting lletz biopsy results. I believe the hospital sends a letter and the results to your gp just to update the records which is when they are visible on the app. Fingers crossed we all get results soon x

I spoke to the consultants secretary she took ages to look for my records then said he’s extremely busy and they’re a pile of results sitting to be read and he’s took half of them. I asked if this is a good sign she said all results good or negative are in the same pile. So another day waiting! Actually feeling sick now xxx

I am so sorry for everyone situation and completely agree. The waiting is the worse part.

I can only share my story. (UK based QE hospital) After I had LLETZ my doctor told me when I came around from GA that he believe I already had cancer. Week later I had a letter to come and discuss. Confirmed cancer of at least 1b1 staging.

Just had my MRI today so back on the waiting game. Managed to fall asleep at times. No idea how!!

I’d like to believe that if it was CC they would have been in contact by now but I completely and utterly get anything less than CC is still valid and equally alarming.

Stay strong.

Hi @Hanandlee,

I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through something similar. I’m also a stay at home mum - it’s not an easy job! Thank you so much for the advice - I hadn’t really thought of writing things down but actually it has helped me a lot just writing on here so will definitely try writing more.

I really hope your results come through soon and that all is well x

Hi @Tinkerbelle29

Thank you so much for validating my feelings. Your message is super helpful and good to know the info about the app - I will stop checking it!

“cell changes are common but CC is not” - This is SO helpful thank you!!

I hope all is well for you x


I’m so so sorry you’re going through this.

Praying everything will go well for you at the appointment and hopefully you can keep yourself busy over these next 2 weeks x

So sorry for your situation - praying that you receive some good news soon x

Hi @SuzySuz

I’m so sorry you’re going through this! Knowing that they have the results but not actually knowing what they are must be agonising - I really hope you hear back soon and that all is well x

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I have just waited 4 and half weeks for my results and just seen them on my NHS app……all my pre cancerous cells have been excised and have to have a TOC in December…Huge sigh of relief :face_exhaling:


Hi, so sorry your going threw this. It was such an awful time I waited over 12weeks on results, kept telling myself the longer the better which for me wasn’t the case. I wish u well & pray your results come back soon x

I hadn’t even anticipated there would be a wait for biopsy results. I’ve had to wait 8 weeks to have a biopsy (currently pregnant with CIN3 so haven’t been able to have any treatment). I’d just assumed the results would come quickly… from this thread it doesn’t seem the case. Does anyone know if 4 weeks plus is the normal or does it differ from hospital to hospital?

Hoping for you no news is good news and you know soon. The waiting is torturous.

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Hi Lucky7
I hope your pregnancy is going well I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with that at the same time. I can only go by my experience.
My results showed up on my nhs app after about two half weeks (I had lletz 21st june) but I’m still awaiting them doing an mdt meeting about what my follow up care should be. The results on the app for the biopsy are coded so apart from repeat smear saying hpv positive there wasn’t much I can see.

My back story’s abit of a weird one as last year I got hpv positive abnormal cells smear (I know now these were cgin type abnormal cells) I went for colposcopy and the dr didn’t take the right treatment/biopsy’s and decided he couldn’t see anything did one womb biopsy which was normal and put me to a three year normal smear recall.
Luckily they do audits/failsafe for all the smear screenings so I was called by a different dr this year who had checked over my case to come back in. This dr rang me last week to go through my results (luckily they don’t think it progressed and I’ve actually fought it off fingers crossed. So they need to decide if it still needs checking or to come back in 6 months for a smear by sounds of it). I’ve not heard from the dr that actually did my lletz colposcopy this year tho, So I think that isn’t something everyone will get unfortunately as they are doing a proper investigation on my first dr. Your gp may go through the results with you, again im lucky enough to know the team at my go surgery and they can see some notes at their end. My period has disappeared since lletz so while on the phone explaining this the nurse had a quick look at my results too.

I think it does completely depend on hospital timings when they hold meetings and your results.

I would try to focus on baby and happy times until you have to deal with it, easier said than done I know. Good luck with everything xx

Thanks for the detailed response. It seems a bit irresponsible to put you on a 3 year cycle after Lletz. Needs to be monitored a bit after surely. Sorry you’ve been messed about, that sounds stressful. What’s Cgin cells? Mine was CIN 3 but by the time by smear came back severe I’d already fallen pregnant and then it’s a 28 week wait before they will biopsy (which is this week finally). Just fingers crossed it doesn’t progress before baby is born and then I can have lletz. Just trying to be positive and enjoy my last pregnancy and not jump the gun to worst case scenarios. Bit concerning though the wait times on biopsy results.

That’s is not what you need while pregnant I can’t imagine what you are going through, I would hope with cases like yours they would rush results through faster so I hope they do for you.

Cgin is when the abnormal cells are inside the cervix not on the outside so it’s much harder to diagnose and find where they actually are as sometimes they’re not even seen during colposcopy. It’s something that is meant to be not overlooked if cells are shown on smear as per government guidelines but my dr did he only performed a womb biopsy (which unless the cells were in that exact spot wouldn’t have shown anything and they didn’t came back normal) I believe he should have done lletz or cone biopsy followed by 6 monthly recall. I have had lletz last month awaiting what aftercare They are investigating it seriously I should get a report and everyone who’s dealt with me has apologised even though it wasn’t them. Atleast it means nhs fall safe procedures work and they do check up on drs work. I just feel very lucky it’s hasn’t got worse so focusing on healthy lifestyle and supplements going forward now. X


It’s me again. I am so sorry to see that a lot of us are in the same boat with regards to the agonising wait for biopsy results.

I finally received mine on Friday but to be honest they have left me just as confused and anxious. They confirmed abnormal cells, CIN1 with referral back to annual smears, which should be good news as the letter states that in most cases CIN1 can resolve itself. However, the timeline of such changes is what is scaring me.

I had abnormal cells and HPV so had LETZ treatment in December 22. In May 23 I had my 6 month follow up smear which confirmed that the abnormal cells were gone but I was still HPV positive so referred to colposcopy which I went to in June 23. This is when they carried out the biopsy.

So now my concern is that either A) the LETZ treatment was not in fact successful in treating the abnormal cells but this wasn’t picked up in the follow up smear or B) it was successful but in less than a month (from the smear to the colposcopy visit) abnormal cells have reappeared again.

Also, my biopsy results made no mention of HPV, does anyone know if this is normal?

Either way this makes me scared of what they may find if I have to wait a year for another smear if they have changed that fast or LETZ is not successful.

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