How does everyone cope with the waiting?!

Hi ladies,


I'm waiting for the results of my biopsies that were taken during my colposcopy last week (Thursday the 30th) and I feel like I'm going round in circles worrying myself!!! It's the not knowing that's scaring me, and having to wait 4-6 weeks is torture.. I understand that the biopsies have to go through testing procedures and what-have-you, but why do some people only have to wait for 3 weeks and others have to wait for up to 6? Is it a lottery based on where you live and which NHS you belong to?

I guess I'm concerned because my smear suggested mild dyskariosis in November, I had to wait for almost 6 weeks for a colposcopy, only for the hospital to cancel it the day before (because they'd forgotten the Dr was on holiday!!!!) and postpone it by another 3 weeks.. :( by the time the Dr did the colposcopy she said my dyskariosis was moderate. So what happens to the cells in the next 5 weeks?! Do they carry on getting worse?

Just at a bit of a loss.. I'm trying to prepare myself for any eventuality, but when the Dr rushes out at the end of your colposcopy telling you "I'm not going to discuss treatments with you until we know the results" it's like the least helpful thing ever.. I felt like I was on a conveyor belt, as they were running so far behind. No thought was given to how much I'd be reeling at having to have biopsies taken. It might be completely normal to them, but it certainly wasn't to me. :(

How long did everybody else have to wait for their biopsy results? Has anyone else found that they've had more information about all things cervical from here than from the people who are supposed to be looking after our health? Does anyone have any ideas of how I can turn off my brain for the next 5 weeks?!

I'd be grateful for some happy thoughts... :)


H xx



I think you've hit the nail on the head describing it as lottery based depending on where you live. There's a lot of lovely ladies on here who have had the most helpful of staff at their appointments and some who have received their results in around 3 weeks.

I was unlucky with both. I had the least helpful nurses, feeling too like I was just on a conveyer belt and they had no consideration for how I might be feeling, and waited 5 weeks for my results. I was then given an appointment for Lletz to be told I couldn't have it under local and this had been known since my colposcopy and biopsies. Until that day I also hadn't been told what grade I was looking at and had received no incliniation of what they thought it might be.

I really hope you get your results soon but they do say the longer the wait, usually the better!

It is so difficult to switch your brain off during the waiting process but I found this site to be such a help. Reading other peoples experiences really put my mind at ease and helped me deal with the wait, and the results a lot easier than I might have done if I hadn't found Jo's.



I can't help you with the waiting time as I was told straight after my colposcopy I had cancer, however I know most people wait up to 6 weeks. As hard as it is try not to worry no news is good news is the saying right? Try to keep occupied and I will keep my fingers crossed for you.



Thanks ladies, means a lot that you replied! :)

Fiona - It sounds like we have very similar stories! I can't believe how dismissive and vague everyone has been with me from the start of all this up to now.. If I hadn't found this website I dread to think what would be going through my head, at least I know I am NOT the only one.. It's very strange to think that the standard of care ladies are receiving across the UK varies according to where you live though. I try to keep thinking that the reason they're being so flippant about my potential treatment/results is because they're not worried about it. That's the only comfort I can take in the waiting I suppose, and like you said, no news is good news.. :) I really hope your lletz procedure goes well, I'll be thinking of you and will have my fingers crossed.. :)

Laura - You're so right.. and as much as it's a pain in the backside that I have to wait for the results I should take some comfort in the fact that if it was immediatley obvious how serious it was they might not have done the biopsies in the first place.. I think I'm just going to try and occupy myself with my college work, as dull as it sounds - it might help! :) Also, glad you got the all clear, on my birthday too! Happy days :)

Thanks again,


H xx

Hi Hevrhi....I appreciate that you are going to drive yourself nuts, but it might help to know that often the colposcopy is more accurately able to determine your grade of CIN and often the original suggested grade is changed at colposcopy once theyve had a good look. This is more likely than a rapid progression from CIN 1 to CIN 2 or beyond. Try to remember that we are dealing with cell changes here. I know that the waiting is hideous (I am currently waiting for the results of my biopsy, which are likely to be at least another 2 weeks. Urghhhh). Stay off Google, it really wont help. I went to peices when I got my letter saying I had high grade dyskariosis and I Googled for a fortnight before turning up to my appointment in a state of panic. Im sorry you havent had the best of advice or support from your hospital staff....Sometimes I think they forget how terrifying these things are for us. Try to keep busy and remember that you are in the system and will be sorted xxx

Thanks est.. Actually that does help to know! :) I'm trying to remember everything everyone is telling me, to relax and not check google etc.. It's hard but I'm going to have a good go! Good luck with your results, keep us posted with how you get on :) Fingers are crossed for you xxx

  • Hi, I'm waiting for my biopsy results too, and know how hard it is, keep coming home from work to check for a letter!, it's only been 2 weeks since my colposcopy but no news is good news I believe, Just remember you are in the system and it will be sorted, I had a lletz 9 years ago for cin 2 and after 9 years of normal smears I'm now waiting for a biopsy result again, gutted, pissed off yes all of these, but I'm in the system and pls don't google I was the worst for this and drove myself to tears most nights, stay with this forum and you will be ok, hope this helps you and good luck :-) sxxx