Awaiting colposcopy

Hi all,

I have my colposcopy appointment next Tuesday 3/12/19, and it’s just hit me that this is happening to me.
I’ve had symptoms for 4 months: irregular bleeding, bleeding after sex, really low stomach cramps, yellow/green thick discharge.
I had a routine smear but that came back with not able to see my cells clearly. I went back to gp after a scan and she could see a polyp on my cervix and said it was quite swollen. I can also feel small bumps/spots on my cervix and can feel how swollen it is.
A swab and bloods came back negative and normal so hoping that’s a good sign.

I haven’t really allowed myself to think of the results but the closer it gets the more my mind is going into overdrive. I’m just hoping reading and speaking to others in a similar situation can help.

Thank you.

How long did u wait for your colposcopy?? How did it go?