Help - How long should I expect to wait for colposcopy appointment

Anyone's experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated - last Tuesday my doctor told me that my smear test result had come back with severe abnormalities.  Concern's were raised by my doctor as I have been experiencing abdominal pain and pain during/after sex for the past 2 years which had always been put down to my PCOS or endo.  

It has now been a week and a half and I have yet to recieve an appointment for a colposcopy.  Is this normal for an "urgent" referral? 

Foolishly I have been googling my symptoms and have started to stress myself out so anyone else's timeline/experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Hi I had the same result from my smear I waiting nearly 7 weeks before I had mine any how had my colposcopy on Tues had to have 3 biopsies taken so just waiting for results from them xxx

i recieved the letter monday and had the coloscopy 9 days later. I think it all depends on what is available at your local clinic. Hope that helps, try not to worry. xx