Awaiting a Colposcopy

I have previously put on here about being HPV positive my smear said not enough cells to be accurate so I had to go for another.

My results have come back border line changes and have to go for a colposcopy really worried

Sorry you’re going through this. Good luck x

thank you Stacey 29 got my appointment through 7th of November trouble is im on my own no-one to go with me got to do all this on my own my husband died a year ago

I am so sorry for your loss! It is daunting on your own I’m sure. I went alone to mine today & the nurses were so lovely, really put you at ease & chatting all the way through & checking you’re ok. I hope it goes ok for you x

Hi @Louise2

Its a very scary time for any of us to have to go through, but borderline changes is not cancer and its extremly unlikely they would find cancer at your appointment, your just being sent for a colposcopy as a precaution as any abnormal smear nomatter the grade needs further investigation as smears are an indicator rather than a diagnostic, if they suspected CC from your smear you would be seen alot sooner than what you are… abnormal smears come in 4 stages: borderline, low grade, moderate or severe dyskaryosis, borderline and low grade arnt seen as a true precancer as they arnt necassarily caused by a HPV infection (despite a positive result) as cells harmlessy change on the cervix regularly thats why its called the transformation zone and they regularly regress on their own, dyskaryosis just means the cells dont look normal borderline is that its slightly abnormal but not enough to be classed as dyskaryosis xx

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thank you Stacey 29 hope your results good

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Hi Tinkerbelle29

Thank you so much for advising and explaining that so me, i find all the information confusing appreciate it x

Not a problem :slight_smile: my first abnormal smear was borderline and i remember being the exact same so you arnt alone x ive had 2 colposcopies and i found my smears to be the most uncomfortable out of the 2 x

thank you for calming my nerves a bit, i had a scan at the hospital which was ok, as the dr was concerned.