At a loss at to whether to have lletz for cin2 or not

Abnormal smear in July showed high grade moderate dyskaryosis and HPV (had HPV the year before and had to have it repeated this year). I've been for a punch biopsy and colposcopy which showed cin2. I was advised they were having a colposcopy correlation meeting where they discuss best management plan with experts. Had a phone call today following that explaining my options. Either lletz or 6 monthly follow ups with colposcopy and biopsy as there is a 57% chance it can clear on it's own (hope I got that percentage right, it was a lot to take in)


I have not started my family yet and it something my partner and I are really set on in the near future, and the risks that the lletz has worries me if I'm getting it done when it's possible to clear on it's own. Both are scary options for me, I'm terrified of the lletz procedure eand the side effects but i'm also scared about having a biopsy every 6 months as it was not a pleasant experience and I felt really vulnerable/emotional afterwards. 


What I didn't ask to the nurse who called, was if there is a risk to having multiple biopsies, this is my main question which I won't be able to ask not until next week and it's a question I thought about later on. I can't find much information online about the risks, can anybody help me with that?


The way the nurse was talking, I felt like she was advising me towards the follow up option. I keep changing my mind every 2 minutes, I just don't know what to do. What would you do if you were 26 and having a family was something that was so important to you? My health obviously is also my main concern. My partner is really concerned about the risks of the lletz as it means the world to him to be able to have the chance to be a dad especially as he is just about to turn 30 and feels more ready than ever. Any advice regarding the treatment options massively appreciated! 


I am so sorry this is so long and thank you for listening if you got to this point, my head is all over. I just really don't know what to do for the best.


I think this is a very hard decision and one I had to make. I had CIN 1, 2 and 3! When I had lletz treatment the biopsy came back as CIN 1. Anyway, the lletz wasn't that bad, I don't necessarily regret it I've just read loads about diet and other things that can help to get rid of it without invasive treatment.

Just went to my follow up appointment for a smear so waiting to hear if its all gone. After a lletz and diet/supplements I'm hoping so!

Having the lletz only brings a slight increase in preterm birth, very slight especially if its not the cone procedure and only lletz.

You have to do what's best for you. Do some research about diet and lifestyle/supplements. But don't go too far down the Internet rabbit hole because it freaked me out and made me more emotional reading too many horror stories.

I got pregnant after lletz no problem, we weren't even trying. There isn't any risk to fertility as far as I'm aware.

Hope you find what's best for you and stay strong


I'm afraid I don't have an answer as haven't been through this, although I'm waiting for biopsy results so may be something i need to weigh up in future.

Have you tried ringing the clinic back to ask? Or have you tried ringing the Jo's Trust helpline?

Hope it goes well whatever you choose x

Hi @pol93 thank you for replying. I have since made a decision to opt for the 6 monthly biopsies which I feel is the best decision for me. I rang back and spoke to the nurse who answered my concerns. She said there is no risks to having multiple punch biopsies as they are the size of a pen nib and she said it would be fine to get pregnant during my 2 year follow ups x 

So glad you got some info and were able to make a decision :) xx