LLETZ procedure


new here.

um wondered if anyone would be able to answer my confused question please?

so, basically I had an abnormal smear Aug 2020 (minimal changes so probably CIN1) with positive HPV result so was sent for a colposcopy in Oct 2020. That was carried out and a biopsy was taken at the time. The consultant did say the biopsy may come back as "not enough cells collected" as I'm on the mini pill which I'm guessing swells the cervix. Results letter was sent to me a few weeks later. Which stated CIN 1 (as I expected) not that they did not collect enough cells and that a monthly MDT meeting goes ahead and my case will be discussed in NOV. Not thinking I'd hear anything back as all the leaflets I'd read stated CIN 1 requires no treatment, but regular monitoring until results return to normal. But today I received a letter with an appointment for LLETZ treatment. Now I'm very confused. Why am I being offered this treatment if my diagnosis is CIN 1. Even the letter states CIN 1 low grade dyskaryosis. If someone has experienced the same or knows why I'm being offered this treatment please could you let me know. Thanks ? 

Hi Linzi,

Did anyone ever get back to you about this? I've just had LLETZ treatment for CIN 1 and low level CIN 2, I think they just do it as a precaution now.

Hope you're getting on ok and not stressing too much!