Advise please

Hi lovelys, 

I understand your not doctors but can someone shed some light please. 

Eary this year I was invited for my first smear as I'm soon to be 25. Attended and a few weeks later received a letter stating I had HPV and abnormal cells and should attend a coloscopy. 

On 28/08 I had this appointment and a biopsy was taken. 

On 03/10 I received a letter saying it was CIN 2 and I need to have LLETZ two days later. 

I mentally prepared myself and attend the appointment today in which I was told that when the letter was sent nobody looked at my age and that the biopsy needs to be looked at during the next management meeting with a specialist (can't remember name) present as because of the side effects of LLETZ and being so young she just wants a second opinion.  During this chat she said it could be better than expected and no treatment required or worse and they may look into different treatments as they wouldn't want to keep performing LLETZ as it would increase my chances of having a prem baby. 


When I asked if I should be concerned she said im just telling you the facts. 


Im a little lost as to whether I should be happy it didn't go ahead or worried that it needs a second opinion. 


Help please!? 

I was told last week when I went for lletz that the risk of pre term delivery post lletz is very very slim and that all I would need to do is mention it to my midwife if I have another baby and theyll keep a closer eye so for me the benefits of lletz outweighed leaving cin3 cells there. You are well within your right to speak to the doctor who will be performing the lletz if you have questions and concerns xx