ASCUS to CIN3 in a Month

Hello all! Newbie here. I need to vent to someone who understands what all this is like, so I apologize in advance for the long ramble. Here is my story. 

Early 2011, I started having bleeding during sex. I went to GYN for work-up. Pap was normal, no HPV test done. Dr. was worried I may have endometriosis, so she did hysteroscopy and biopsy (all clear). She just chucked my bleeding down to having a "sensitive" cervix. Told me not to worry, so I didn't.

2014 I went in for my well-woman visit. Told the new doc (I am in the Army, so have new providers every few years) about my ongoing bleeding and that I also was developing pelvic floor cramping during runs. Pap was normal, no HPV test done. New doc says, "Well since your pap is normal and you were worked up 3 years ago, you are fine. The cramping is probably just dehydration, and you have a friable cervix. No big deal". So I didn't worry.

May 5th, 2017- Next well -woman. New doc again. Explain everything all over again. All symptoms still present. New development since last visit is now my menstrual cramps are getting worse (wake me up at night) and bright red bleeding. This doc is worried. Scheduled for colpo even before I get my results back because she could see a visible lesion on my cervix at the time of the pap. Pap- ASCUS. HPV- positive.

May 31st- Colposcopy done at GYN specialty clinic. Dr doing the colpo tells me not to worry because this is only my first abnormal pap. I tell her about my symptoms and she tells me I just need to go on birth control pills. I ask her about the lesion on my cervix, and she says it's probably just too much estrogen in my system causing ectopy. She takes biopsies and does ECC.

June 2nd- Onco GYN calls me with results. Biopsy CIN3. ECC positive CIN3. LEEP scheduled for June 9th. Now I am worried.

I completely understand that one abnormal result is not something to "get all worked up" about, as your body can clear mutated cells on its own. But I have been having abnormal symptoms for 6 years that every other provider has ignored, just because my pap was clear. The ECC result is what worries me the most. What if I have had CGIN in my canal for 6 years? Paps do not go in the canal for screening. How does my pathology go from ASCUS to CIN3 in a month? I am very worried that every test seems to come back with a worse diagnosis, so what does that have in store for my LEEP?

Sorry to ramble, but I am sick of everyone telling me not to worry, and then getting told "oh, so there actually IS something wrong". Maybe it IS time to worry. So frustrating. Any words of wisdom from someone who has gone through being ignored over and over?

Hi I can't really say I've been through that because I have ignored my smears for 7 years silly me I know, id to get the coil out and a new one in so I asked for a smear it came back hpv and I had a colopscopy done and that came back cin111 had the lletz/loop done and results back fine so try not to worry i know that's hard to say because I was worried so much I couldn't take my mind off it but hope my comment helps to take a little of the worry away 

Thanks, Mandy. This is a really rough process to go through. I feel like it's all I can think about. Thank you for the response. I will try not to worry, but it's so hard.

Hi. I know how worried you are at the moment as I was worried too till I received my result from LLETZ yesterday . 

I had a bleeding between periods and heavy discharge , and i didn't have a smear for 5 years, stupid of me... well I tried to book a smear a few times last year, but because of the bleeding between periods, I had to cancel them.

i was so worried when I received result from smear that I had severe change. But I tried to be positive till colposcopy . But during colposcopy , Dr said " hmm interesting. There is a large polyp, and high glade change..." when I heard that, I started worry about it all even more. After the LLETZ, Dr asked me if I wanted to have more children.... I thought " what?! Does she think I should get rid of my womb? Is it that bad!?" And she told me that she had to take a large bit of cell...

So i was so worried and couldn't talk aout it to anyone as I was too scared to say c word..... 

but i had a result back yesterday saying that they managed to take all the abnormal tissue which was CIN3, and have a smear in 6 months.

i know it's impossible not to worry,but a lot of women do have a positive results and you did have a smear every 3 years ! 

Hope you'll receive a good news soon! 

Oh thank you! It really helps to hear it's not just going to get worse. I was going down a spiral. I've got a good surgeon, he's taking out the bad parts, and I am going to be ok!