Cin 3 diagnosis last year, now High Risk HPV result?

Quick backstory, I'm 33 , 2 kids 

Dec 2019 I was having odd symptoms with spotting between periods and bleeding during sex. Went in for a pap & ended up having to get a colposcopy thanks to my first result ever of HPV positive ASCUS/CIN 3. Scheduled for a LEEP the following Feb of 2020. I lost my insurance for almost a year but when I got it back I immediately rescheduled my LEEP procedure to this last Monday 1/25/21.


I show up to the LEEP prepared to get it done, but my ob is now hesitant to go through with LEEP, and says that my lesion was small & only on the surface. She steered there's a possibility my body cleared it. We both decide to go through with another colposcopy before proceeding with LEEP. I just received results today and now they just say "High Risk HPV detected" which they didn't have listed before. Does this mean the CIN 3 possibly regressed or am I in the same boat still? 

I'm no medical person and I'd definitely recommend you contacting the ask the expert section on here, but from what I can gather to have the abnormal cells you already have tested positive for HPV, even if you haven't been told. 


In many mild to moderate cases the body can fix itself which is why many people are asked to wait 6 or 12 months before any treatment. 


I wouldn't take my word for it though as I'm no expert. 


It sounds fairly positive though and like your body has done some good work for you. X

Thanks, still waiting to hear back. I forgot to mention I've been having abnormal bleeding between periods that's almost non stop. It's not heavy, but my ob didn't seem concerned & said I should switch to a progestin iud because of my stroke history. She seems convinced it's purely hormonal but I feel like it's been a part of my HPV diagnosis. Has anyone else experienced this?