ASC-H results waiting for colposcopy

I received my smear results in May - ASC-H i was then referred for a colposcopy but 3 months away . Should I be concerned much will change or become worse in my cervix. I'm already going on 2 months and mentally it's agonizing . I have symptoms that make it seem like it could be further advanced than my Pap smear makes it out to be .  ive had spotting between periods for as long as I remember & bleeding after sex for the last 2 years. Even today my discharge was Light pink . ive just been so worried in my own mind , it's almost making me feel crazy . I have to wait until beginning of September... is this normal to wait so long for a colposcopy or should I look into a new gyno ? what were anyone's colposcopy results with a ASC- H smear ? Please help ! Thank you !