Appointment to see consultant after LLETZ

Hi I’m just looking for some advice, I had a LLETZ under general anaesthetic nearly 3 weeks ago for diagnosis after hpv positive and high grade servere dyskaryosis and a nurse at my colposcopy said there may be an small area of early cervical cancer after the procedure my notes said the latter could not be confirmed during procedure but obviouslyI would need to wait for results. I was told on my discharge notes that I would be invited to appointment with consultant once histology results are back.
Today I received a call inviting me to see my consultant on Friday. I’m now in a bit of a flap as most people on here have to wait weeks and weeks for results and also most say they receive them in the post.
Has anyone else had the same thing happened? I’m just panicking that it’s bad news

Hi Pp79,

You should have had your consultant’s appointment now - it’s great that they did things so quickly - so many women have to wait AGES to get their results; more time to worry! The speed of response is really down to the efficiency and workload of your department and hospital. It varies so much. I hope the results were clear and whatever you’re facing there is a treatment plan in place if needed.


Thank you for responding. I had my appointment Friday and thankfully it showed only precancerous cells, just need another LLETZ in mid January to make sure there is clear margins.


This is good - and a relief. Fingers crossed the January LLETZ will be an end of it for you. Time to relax now and enjoy the Christmas season - it’s not going to develop into anything more serious before January.

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