Appointment to discuss results?

Hi ladies, so I had a smear which came back high grade days and an appointment was sent for colposcopy. I went to my appointment and was told because there were severe changes I’d be getting loop biopsy. I had this done almost 6 weeks ago I rang this morning and she told me an appointment has been made for me next thursday to discuss my result and obviously couldn’t tell me anything else. Am I right in thinking if your called in then this means the cells they have took aren’t pre cancer? And in fact cancer? The colpologist told me if they were pre cancer I’d recieve a letter with the cin and an appointment for 6 months time for another smear I said I don’t want a letter on my doorstep if its serious and she said no you will be called back in so obviously now I’m convinced its cancer. Please can anyone help?

Hi Ashley, Sorry to hear about this upsetting time.

I understand exactly where you're currently at as on the 13th April I had an appointment with the colposcopy clinic due to an irregular smear showing high grade CIN and a LLETZ was performed.

I was received a telephone call rather sporadically on the 10th May to go back to the clinic on the 11th May. Unfortunately my results were cancerous however early stage 1, (please don't start to panic) I have met with my consultant and they are completing a cone biopsy on the 25th May to remove the rest of the cancer that the LLETZ couldn't reach and are hopeful this should be all the treatment needed.

If the colposcopy clinic are happy to see you a week after arranging the appointment then please please please try not to worry yourself too much.

Will be thinking of you of Thursday.


Hi Ashley

It's really difficult to speculate on what they might want to talk to you about, it could be anything from requiring further treatment to a diagnosis (but hopefully not). If you're appointment isn't until Thursday, perhaps it isn't something super urgent - although obviously it depends on your clinic and how busy they are.

Please remember that we are all here for you no matter what the outcome, and there's lots of lovely ladies on the forum who've been through all levels of treatment etc. so you can pick our brains any time. Unfortunately, the waiting is so hard and stressful, and you do let your imagination run away with you. Do let us know when you have been, and once you have more info you can start to deal with it and cross each bridge as it comes.


Oh my goodness ladies thank you very much for taking time to write to me. I'm actually really calm about the whole thing if it is cancer I will fight this I have 3 beautiful boys and nothings taking me away from them.

I have prepared myself for being told this is cancer I have had alot of problems I knew my smear was going to come back as something wasn't right which is why STUPIDLY I put this off 9 months I just have a feeling can't explain it but I hope my gut instinct is very wrong in this case.

However this site I honestly do not know where I would be without all you lovely ladies! I will keep yous all updated on how thursday goes so fingers and toes crossed xx

Olivia good luck for the 25th I will be thinking of you xx

Yeah I had this, see my notes below. I was called in just 2 weeks after my treatment. Was dianosed 1a1. But just had other lletz to check and this cane back clear. All clear since. Check up again in sept. You will be worrying non stop till your appointment but if it is bad news they may have caught it so early, like me, that a lletz treatment is all you need. Good luck

Hi Ashley :-)

Well, as FrankieApples said, it's really difficult to speculate. It could simply be that they did find a few cancer cells but that they got all of them in the loop and they will monitor you closely for the next little while. Or, it could be a bit more serious than that. It's important to remember that while the word 'cancer' scares us all, cervical cancer is very, very curable and the treatment is not so difficult either. You could say that as cancers go, this one is a pussy ;-)


Be lucky :-)

Big hugs it's horrible waiting you just want to know. I have read some ladies have been called in because they found cgin or more cin3 than expected but with me yes I was called in and then told they found tiny bit of cc. Could you not call and ask them to make appointment sooner? My consultant changed mine to be closer as I think the nurse could tell I just wanted the meeting done. Try and keep busy if you can keep yourself distracted. sending lots of love xxx

Thank you ladies, I'm having having a really tuff time today very teary. Iv had sharp stabbing pains for years but over this last year they have got worse gone from just right side to now my left too iv been in hospital 3 times over the last few months and I'm told its IBS but this is frightening me even more I was up all last night with them so I'm hoping if I can just get a good night sleep I can get back to trying to be positive but its so hard ATM. Sorry for babbling xx

Ahh Hun hope you slept better last night. I think when you are worrying every little ache and pain is intensified and with me I start self diagnosing all sorts, which isn't healthy but probably only natural really. I get all sorts of aches and pains. maybe speak to your doctor about it again. Try having a nice bath and relax before bed. Praying for you lots of love xx

Let us know how you get on tomorrow Ashley xx

Thank you lades my appointments at 2 o'clock tomorrow. I will let yous know what happens xx 

Sarah T I went back to Dr about these pains and I had an ultrasound bout 3 weeks ago they said everything looks fine only thing they could see was a fibroid on my cervix but didn't mention if this could cause pain or anything. I'm feeling much better now I think its because this 8 week wait is finally coming to an end and I'm finally going to know good or bad I just need to know.

Seriously ladies thank you so much for all your support I think this site is the only thing that's kept me sane all these weeks lol its nice to speak to ladies who have been through/going through the same  its nice to have somewhere to come when I'm feeling scared and just need a good rant thank you again for all your advice and listening xxxxxxxx

Yes this site is amazing isn't it.  I will be thinking of you tomorrow so please let us know how you get on. Big hugs to you xxxx

Good luck tomorrow Ashley x

Good luck tomorrow Ashley xx

Well ladies I'm back home now they did find cancer but it was only a tiny area which she says was removed when I had loop biopsy. it took so long because they needed a second opinion. My results are going to be discussed in an MDT meeting and I have another loop biopsy booked for 4th July I'm so relieved its gone. Thank you all so much for your kind words and advice xx

Hey Ashley, that's fantastic! was hoping to hear good news from you today. I got good news too, so I am hoping you are feeling relief and treating yourself tonight!

All the best for the next appt!


Fabulous news! What a relief! 


That sounds exactly like mine it took so long as they had to send it off for second opinion.  i would have been offered another lletz but was decided as had children to do hysterectomy. I know a lot of ladies have had 2nd lletz and fine just put on regular check ups etc xx hope you are ok