Appointment to discuss results?

Hi ladies, so I had a smear which came back high grade days and an appointment was sent for colposcopy. I went to my appointment and was told because there were severe changes I’d be getting loop biopsy. I had this done almost 6 weeks ago I rang this morning and she told me an appointment has been made for me next thursday to discuss my result and obviously couldn’t tell me anything else. Am I right in thinking if your called in then this means the cells they have took aren’t pre cancer? And in fact cancer? The colpologist told me if they were pre cancer I’d recieve a letter with the cin and an appointment for 6 months time for another smear I said I don’t want a letter on my doorstep if its serious and she said no you will be called back in so obviously now I’m convinced its cancer. Please can anyone help?

Hi Ashley,

I'm going through the exact same worries. I was told I'll get the results in 2 weeks after the biopsy was taken but all I've got is a letter (2.5 weeks later) with an appointment for consultation with the coloposcopist. Why do they have to draw it out like this? it's enough to make you sick just wondering what it might or might not be.

Got appointment on 31st. When's yours?


Hi Kelly Al-Saleh honestly the waiting is ridiculous I had to chase my results 3 times for them to get them back. Iv got my appointment through for next thursday the letter gives nothing away at all just saying they have my results and would like to discuss them. Good luck with yours hopefully someone will shed some light on this for us because I'm not gonna lie I'm slightly worried xx

I'm worried too and the lack of any hint makes it worse. At least if you know you can get on with your life, whatever that may involve.

I guess all we can do is look after our immune systems as best we can until we know. The only good thing that's come out of this is it's encouraged me to re-assess some of my less healthy lifestyle choices.

Good luck with yours too Ashley and keep us posted. xx

Hi guys.  A cancer diagnosis is a possibilty when you are called back in however it is not the only one.  

It could be that you do not have clear margins, or that that they found some CGIN cells which occur higher up in the cervical canal (these again would require more treatment).

Even if they have found cancerous cells, it is likely to be earlier stages considering they could not see it during your Lletz.  Later stages tend to be a bit more visible to the naked eye.  Some women have even been called in to be told that cancer was found but it has already been removed in the Lletz.

So what i'm saying is to try and stay calm until you know what you are dealing with.  And when you find out we will all be here to help you through it. 

N xx

Hi Nellie, thank you so much for writing. I was thinking CGIN too but I have read many women get given these results in a letter. I am preparing myself to be told cancer. I have done a lot of reading and it has made me feel so much better this site has been amazing! Whatever the outcome I will deal with it next Thursday I will just be glad to know the whole wait has been hell. I was a mess this morning but now I feel so calm I just hope this carries on. Thank you for your kind words xx

No problem.  I was diagnosed with early stage 1B1 after a Lletz, so I know exactly how terrifying it can be.  

I was treated and given the all clear within 6 weeks of diagnosis.  

Whatever the outcome keep is posted and feel free to private message me if you need to. xx

Ah Nellie I'm so sorry about you diagnosis but how amazing is that you can be given the all clear after 6 weeks thank God they found it when they did! its stories like this that keep me going! I will definatley keep you ladies updated with my outcome on Thursday. I was 9 months late for my smear and I kick myself everyday but my last smear was absoloutly normal reading how slow of a disgraceful cancer this is really is the only thing that's keeping me calm and all the lovely ladies on this site we really are not alone in any of this xx

Hi Ashley29

How strange ive heard from the hospital yesterday & booked in for next Thursday too.

I had my smear on the 27th April (8years since my last one) call from GP a week later to say high grade (severe) and glandular Neoplasa and booked in for colpposcolposcopy a few days later on the 9th May.

Was given Lletz treatment and biopsy's sent off.

heard from hospital yesterday (less than 2 weeks) and told I have consultant meeting booked in for next Thu 26th may (we go on a cruise that day and need to get to Southampton from Birmingham by 4pm appointment at 11:40)

They wouldn't tell me anything over the phone , just the name of the consultant & they would be having a meeting Tues to discuss my case and get things ready for my appointment on Thu.

Doesnt help when you google the consultants name at the hospital I'm under & she is in the Gyna Cancer team !!

Im trying to stay postive but finding it hard , being able to open up on here has been a really posmotive thing & I feel I know so much and helps me prepare for whats ahead !

can I just ask about bleeding post Lletz ? I had all the watery brown discharge with a little blood in first 10 days but on Wednesday it turned into a bloodbath I changed my towel every 20 mins for about 2 hours full of clots and I could just feel it gushing. Next few days went back to watery and a little blood but today I've had to come home from work as its gushing again.

Is this normal ?

Sending positive thoughts and well wishes to you all.

Melanie x



Hi melanie oh that is going to be pushing it for time you could try ringing to see if they can perhaps squeeze you in for the Wednesday due to your holiday? You will need a cruise after this its awful! But I agree reading stories on here has made me feel relaxed obviously I'm still worried. 

After she finished taking my biopsy and lletz I had a huge bleed she had to stick some gauge in there and a tampon to get it to stop and I had to sit in hospital till it stopped. After that it was mainly just spotting with discharge and then black bits. I got an infection I think it was a week after ended up in hospital and put on anti biotics. I was told any blood clots were a sign of infection perhaps you could make an appointment with a gp? I didn't have a temperature just these black bits I bled a bit heavier and I just felt very fluey.

You will have to keep us updated how your appointment goes, mines at 1:50 on thursday and it can't come quick enough. Big hugs xx

Also on my letter it has the name of my Dr the time and it says speciality: colposcopy, so does this mean I'm going to be having another one or are they the ones who give out the results too? Sorry so many questions xx

I will do thanks for replying so quickly

I am very concerned about all this bleeding , I couldn't go to work Thu & had to go home & change my clothes today !!

luckily I run my own bridal shop and have staff so I'm flexible with my work pattern.

Good luck with everything on Thu xx


I would def go and get this bleeding seen to as soon as you can. You shouldn't be having to change every 20 mins I was told if I felt gushes, was filling a pad within a short time frame or clots or strange smells I was to ring the colposcopy clinic to speak to them so make sure you get it checked bless you xx


you may have an infection Hun, definitely go to the doctors ASAP. The sooner you sort it the easier it will be. Xxx

Hi girls 

I'm have been admitted , you were right they think i have an infection.

awaiting my antibiotic drip , said I will be in over night possibly 2 nights !

thank you for the advise 

Mel xx

Hi Mel I'm so glad you went and got seen. Once anti biotics are in your system you'll feel so much better big hugs and get better soon xx

Thank you Ashley xx

Keep in touch xx

Hi Mel just thought I'd check in and see how your doing? Panic has well and truely began to kick in for me, this waiting is horrible. Just 2 more days to get through I'm keeping everything crossed for us xx