letter confirming appointment with consultant, not even had my results!

Hi folks!

I had a smear in Feb which came back showing borderline cell changes. I had my colposcopy about a month ago. The nurse said that I had signs of ectopy but that my cervix looked fine and that she expected that the biopsies would come back fine. I got a letter today giving me an appointment to see a gynae consultant but I havent even had the results from my biopsies yet! I phoned my gp who hadn't got anything either. I phoned the gynae department and was put through to the consultants secretaries voicemail but she didn't phone back. I am very worried!

Hiya maybe try giving them a call again today and try your gp again I know from wxperiance that I always 

get results letter before my GP office 


hugs xxx

I'm not sure if this helps but my colposcopy appointment came through a couple of days before i even got my smear results so it seems sometimes they get a bit ahead of themselves which doesnt help when you know theres something wrong (reason for appointment) but not what until the other letter arrives. I'd give them another ring xx

Well I received my results today. CIN ii high grade pre cancer cells so this explains the hospital appointment. It's scary to think that I went from borderline changes to high grade pre cancer cells in 2 months. It has got me wondering if by the time they get round to treating me, will I have full blown cancer?