Appointment to discuss results

I had lletz procedure carried out five weeks ago and I have just received a letter saying I need to attend an appointment to discuss my results and possible further treatment.

I have been trawling through the threads on here and I’m guessing that this means cancer. Any cases where it is CIN but unclear margins have been left 6 months for repeat treatment from what I can gather.

I’m obviously trying not to freak out completely, but I’m a single mum and don’t know who to turn to.
Can anyone offer some advice? X


Hi Claire.  I think sometimes when women are called back to discuss results it can be that the margins aren't clear or if cgin is found so it could be that. I was called back to discuss 7 weeks after lletz for severe changes and unfortunately cancer was found however it was tiny and all removed with lletz, I just had to have a 2nd lletz as precaution and have been all clear since and that was 2 years ago now so even if cancer is found like that it can be easily treated. Hope you don't have to wait too long for your appointment x



I am also in the same boat as you. I went last Friday in January for my second abnormal smear (High grade) told at colp everything was fine and they could see no precancer cells but took a biopsy just to be safe and they would write to me with the results.....low and behold 2 weeks ago I had a letter stating that I needed to go in urgently and have treatment as the biopsy showed high grade 2&3 CIN. 


I know now it's easier said than done but try not to worry. I got myself into a right state and ended up calling the colp department to find out my results and why I needed to go in. I too am a single mom to two beautiful little girls and worrying does not do me or them any good. Chin up :) these things are sent to try us but they say the big man upstairs only gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers xx


First abnormal smear aged 25 - leetz treatment confirmed CIN1 with clear margins.


follow up 6 months later aged 26 - moderate changes from biopsy. Back for treatment. 


Thanks for the replies.

i think I was expecting the letter to say more about what they found and the results and it says nothing about the grade. I think the lack of that information speaks volumes.


one part of me thinks my follow up appointment is 6 weeks after the lletz so it can't be too bad surely?!

on the other hand at the back of my mind I'm thinking I had abnormal results seven years ago and they saw me every six months then yearly up until 3 years ago when they decided to put me back to 3 yearly checks. At each colposcopy appointment they could see the abnormal cells but they weren't changing. So now I'm thinking they have been there seven years and have had three years to change and spread without any interruption. I'm cacking it to be honest X

When my letter arrived it was just a bog standard hospital letter telling me i needed an appointment in colp. Lack of communication makes you have all kinds of crazy thoughts and often panic for no reason. 


I hope you get seen soon and everything is okay! Sending lots of love! X 

ok so to update:

Went in on Friday and saw the same consultant who did my lletz. He explained that they are concerned about the gland cells and those further up in the womb canal. Apparently these abnormal cells are more erratic than those on the cervix.

He repeated the lletz so we will know what we are currently dealing with. Results back in about four weeks. Then I have a decision to make: either continue to monitor these regularly or have a hysterectomy.

So I left feeling a little relieved but still a big decision to make I guess x