Lletz results

Hi ladies, just need an insight on what may happen at my next appointment.
I had lletz for cin111 with glandular envolvement a week and a half ago, I went to GP yesterday because I am not feeling too good got pain and bleeding quite heavy was given antibiotics which I am glad of. My GP had my results that confirmed what the consultant said, I was relieved, the hospital want to see me though to discuss my results? Just wondering if anyone had this? Thanks in advance. XXXX


There may be other ladies who are in a better position to answer than me, but I'll have a try.  Perhaps they want to see you to discuss 'the margins' i.e. the area of tissue surrounding the cinIII cells on your biopsy which may not be fully clear of cinIII.  I think glandular involvement means that there may be some cells that are good at hiding away so perhaps they want to chat about finding and removing any remaining CINIII.  I hope everything goes ok for you, this site is fabulous and has been a godsend to me and helped me to realise that treatments often have excellent results at solving problems. xx 

thankyou hun, I called the clinic today because I wondered if my results would be posted  my house too a if an appointment has been arranged the guy I spoke to didn't event ask my name just said  would be 4 months before they would see me, I don't understand xxxx