Lletz Results

Hey girls,

I got my results back today after my Lletz (25th Aug)

I'm quite confused by results.

On my NHS app it says...


HPV - Yes

Excision margins

Ectocervical : Clear

Endocervical : Clear

Deep lateral/radial : Clear

Histology correlates with the cytology/biopsy : No but might be a small focus of CIN2 removed within the biopsy.

KC65 Code : 5/CIN1

Comments : Levels examined. Mainly HPV changes with foci amounting to CIN1

MDT discussion required.


If anyone has had the same before and would like to shed some light for me that'll be great as a little confused as to why it's now showing up CIN1?



So - there is a discrepancy between your biopsy and lletz results and at the bottom of your results it says MDT discussion required. This means the multi disciplinary team will discuss your results which is protocol if there is any discrepancy. I know this from my own experience. However the best people to explain this to you would be your own hospital team. It does however sound to me like good news as they have clear margins. The Ask the expert section of Jo's website may be able to clarify this too but I really think that your own team are the best ones to ask. 

Hope this helps

A x


Thank-you my lovely. I'm relieved I've got some clear margins so looks hopeful. The whole situation is so draining though. I will give the colposcopy clinic a call tomorrow and see if they can explain to me in a better light. I will keep you posted on how I get on.

Thank-you for your continued support xx

You're welcome! I know what you mean about it being draining emotionally but I have to say that nonetheless I feel reassured that my consultant left no stone unturned. Just hope that I won't have to have any more hospital trips for a while.

A x


Fingers and toes crossed for you my lovely.

I'm hoping my result letter will explain things more better when I receive it as can feel the anxiety creeping back in thinking silly things!


 fingers crossed for you - it does sound more optimistic than not! I hope your anxiety is all unfounded! In the meantime take care of yourself xxxx