Appointment for colposcopy

Hi All

Received HPV positive result from my smear with low grade dyskaryosis cells - not sure what that means so any help would be appreciated

Does anyone know how long the wait is from your smear letter result to getting the colposcopy appointment?

Thanks xxx

Hi @Worried4

The word dyskaryosis is just a term used for abnormal cells, if they find abnormalities they can come in 4 different grades, borderline, low grade, moderate or severe… generally when low grade abnormalities are found you wouldnt be offered any treatment at this point and you would be monitored, low grade cells arnt necassarily seen as a precancer and its alot more likely to regress on its own

It can depend where you are in the country with waiting times, low grade changes by guidelines you should be seen within 6-8 weeks… im in county durham and my first low grade result i had an appointment at colposcopy within 4 weeks, my second was just around 6 weeks after results

Its alot easier said than done but try not to worry, you will be monitored more regularly from now untill you recieve a clear smear xx

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