Low-grade dyskaryosis - long waiting list for Colposcopy

I recently received smear results of HPV positive and low-grade dyskaryosis. The letter said i would be invited for a colposcopy and i’ve since been waiting for that appointment. I contacted my local centre just to check when that would be and they’ve shared it could be up to 4 months as the waiting list is so long. I understand that low grade dyskaryosis in the most part does not lead to cancer, but i can’t help worrying that such a long wait for a check isn’t ideal. Has anyone ever gone private for these things (not that i could probably afford that) or have any general positive experiences of having such a long wait to get an appointment and it turning out ok?


Hi hannahkaty
I’m hoping you’ve now heard about your appointment? Mine took 4 months but it would have been longer had I not phoned a 3 times and got given a cancellation. Hopefully you have now heard so just to wish you all the best. L