Abnormal result with high risk hpv


I'm new to the forum. I received my 1st smear test result yesterday and found I have an abnormal result, borderline changes with high risk HPV.

I'm now waiting on a colposcopy appointment, does anyone know how long these take to receive roughly? I'm 24 (25 at the end of the year) and had a bit of a shock/panic when I saw the letter.

Thanks in advance!


Hi rach89,

I phoned the colposcopy booking office myself and got an appointment for 2 weeks later.

I think you normally recieve the appointment letter fairly quickly and it can be anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks to get an appointment depending on how busy your local colposcopy is.

Because you only have borderline changes you wont be classed as priority.

I would ring them direct to get an appointment if you dont recieve it soon. Xxx

Ok will do. Thanks so much for replying. xxxx

Hope you're ok honey, my first smear came back as high grade dyskaryosis so I wouldn't be too worried about borderline changes xxx

Thanks to both of you, just in panic mode when I know I shouldn't be and a lot of ladies are going through a lot worse. Hope you're both doing ok, let me know how you're getting on. It's really nice to hear some reassuring words. Wishing everyone all the best xxx

Thanks to both of you, just in panic mode when I know I shouldn't be and a lot of ladies are going through a lot worse. Hope you're both doing ok, let me know how you're getting on. It's really nice to hear some reassuring words. Wishing everyone all the best xxx

I had a borderline smear and I think I got my colposcopy within 8 weeks I think it was x

I would call them and see if you can get a cancellation if you're worrying, I know that feeling all too well! I'm ok at the moment actually, it's a bit up and down but the waiting around does get easier. I had my first smear around the 20th July and at the end of July I got my results letter saying I had high grade dyskaryosis, I'd never even heard of it! Anyway because I was worrying so much, and my letter said it could take 8 weeks for me to have an appt at colposcopy I went private and saw somebody 2 days later. When I went the consultant really put my mind at rest (at this point I didn't even know what my actual smear results were) saying to him it didn't look like cancer, and in his opinion it looked like CIN2, he took 3 punch biopsies and I was on my way. Even though he said he'd write to me in 2 weeks with the results 8 days later I couldn't bear it and called his secretary who called me back and said no cancer or anything sinister had been found but they had come back as CIN3 so would need treatment. After this I felt brave enough to call the NHS colposcopy clinic who had my smear results and they said that moderate changes had been seen at my smear, I wish I had called them to begin with as I think this would have put my mind at rest a little bit. One week later I had my LLETZ, it was fine, I find it quite painful having the speculum open inside but I didn't feel the injections. When he showed me the 'white' area there was hardly anything left because most of it had been removed in the biopsy (it was only small to begin with 1cm) but after he'd done the LLETZ there was an area about the size of a 1p gone, which put my mind at rest a bit as it was clearly a much bigger area than the dyskaryosis. He said he'd write to me in about 2 weeks to say whether they got it all but it's probably just a case of coming back in 6 months, unless the LLETZ shows something more which is VERY unlikely after 3 biopsies. It's still on my mind all the time, but, I don't have the constant gut wrenching fear I had while waiting for my biopsy results. This site has really helped a lot, but you will read stories that scare you as well. Just keep thinking positively because now you're in the system what will be will be! PM me if you need anything babe xxxx

thanks Natty and Harri. Harri thanks so much for sharing your story. I'm so glad things are looking more positive for you and hope that it stays that way for you. Yeah like you say I'm glad I'm in the system anyway now. Thanks might take you up on the PM when I find out more, likewise feel free to PM me if you need a chat. Thanks again for all the kind words xxx

I’m in exactly the same position same results/age. I received my appointment a week after my smear result for 3 weeks time, I’ll be having my colposcopy a week tomorrow x

Hi Steph, it seems quite a few people are in our position. Here if you want to talk about anything. Hope all goes well, fingers crossed for you xxxx

The colposcopy wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, the actual biopsy I had just felt like a pinch and they asked me to cough at the same time. I've found the waiting around for the biopsy results so much more difficult and I was actually hounding them at the hospital for the results which took 9 days all in all. If they don't see anything at the colposcopy you wont even need a biopsy, I would advise if you can have treatment there and then, I would go for it. I wish I could have had treatment on the day to save all this anxiousness now waiting for LLETZ. I did call the clinic again today just to ask how likely it would be for the biopsy to come back differently from the LLETZ, she was a lovely lady and has arranged for me to slot in for treatment tomorrow (a cancellation) instead of waiting until 1 September, cannot stand the waiting any longer so glad it's tomorrow! Hope you go on okay....all of you xx

Hi ... returned home from family holiday with a not so nice letter .. my colscopy results .. says moderate dyskarios and hpv and have to have loop excision.. does it hurt and does it work? Scared as hell :(

Hi warriorshaw,

im currently waiting for the same treatment so can't comment on that, but from what I've heard it doesn't hurt, just maybe feel slightly uncomfortable.

im actually having the LLETZ treatment tomorrow so I will let you know, otherwise I'm sure others can advise in the meantime. I believe it is around 95-99% successful. 

hope youre ok and not worrying too much x

Hi ladies, just an update on original post, I had my colposcopy today was not as bad as I thought. Had a small biopsy taken but the lady was really nice and said she doesn't think there is anything sinister! Just a 3 week wait now but I'm not too worried and will enjoy my hols next week. Just thought I'd post to reassure anyone in a similar position as me, not to worry and stay positive! Sending lots of love and best wishes to everyone xxxx