Aortocaval lymph node metastasis

Have a question and hoping someone has some answers. Diagnosed in May 2022. Went in for hysterectomy in July 2022. Cut me open, removed 10 lymph nodes, 3 of which were positive so the sewed me back up and had me start chemo and radiation followed by brachytherapy. Completed treatment in October 2022. Had a great holiday and new year. Went in for follow up pet scan which showed highly suspicious for aortocaval lymph node metastasis. Have doctor appointment on Tuesday and so afraid to hear what they have to say. Need to prepare myself. I’m physically and mentally not ready to put my body through more treatment. The chemotherapy was very rough on me.
Please, if anyone has been through this or heard of it, let me know. I would also appreciate some much needed prayers.


Hi @Susanb - I am so sorry you are going through this. I don’t have any experience or information about your particular situation but I didn’t want to read and run, sending you love, prayers and all of my best vibes. :two_hearts:

I don’t want to raise your hopes inappropriately but there is quite a high false positive rate for this so try and stay cheerful and determined as you may be OK. If it is genuinely positive then you do have treatment options available, it’s not the end of the road. You may feel you can’t face it but you will likely surprise yourself. Keep us posted!

Thank you so much. Much appreciated!

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Thank you Karen for your encouragement. Much needed and much appreciated. Will update after doctors meeting on Tuesday.


Good luck!