Aortic lymph nodes

Hi, new to this one. diagnosed with stage 4a last august. Had chemo radiation and brachytherapy. All looking good and pet scan in july and subsequent biopsy was clear then boom pet scan two weeks ago shows 80% chance of cancer on aortic lymph node that can't be treated, biopsied or operated on. Pretty freaked out and jist wondering if there is anyone else on here got any positive stories. 

Hi Catwoman,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I don't have similar experiences to you so it's a bit tricky for me to supply the positive stories you want to hear. There are other women on this site who have been living with stage four for a respectably long time and I'd like to think that they will be along to join this thread soon. I came to join you here because I saw that you hadn't had any responses yet and I know only too well what a lonely place that is, especially when you are brand new to the forum.

Be lucky


Hi Catwoman, I know of a lady, living in USA at the moment who was diagnosed stage 4  over 3 1/2 yrs ago, she als has lymph node involvement. I hope this maybe gives you some encouragement . As Tivoli said , there are ladies out there living with this stage of the disease. I wish you all good luck in dealing with this. Sending you warm hugs .xx

Hello Catwoman - sorry for the late reply, I just came across your post when I was browsing through the site.

Although I was diagnosed stage 4, my case isn't the same as yours.  I think it's hard to find someone whose diagnosis is exactly the same - to compare ourselves with.  After surgery there was nothing found in the   lymph nodes they removed. However it had spread, unusually, to the ovaries which thank God I elected to have removed duing the hysterectomy.  

I hope some of the ladies on here who have had any experience of aortic lymph node involvement, even they are n ot stage 4, can come on & share their experience of it.

Also, just wondered if it's worth asking for another scan as even though they say there's 80% chance there is cancer in the node, there's also a 20% chance there is not?  It might be worth pushing them on it?