Anyone had warts and high risk hpv?

I have genital warts and high risk hpv (strains 6, 52, 54, 56). Has anyone else had warts and high risk strains? Interested to know people’s experiences.


Genital warts are caused by low risk strains of hpv, not high risk. You can of course carry more than one strain of hpv.

Yes, to clarify: I have warts (low risk) AND high risk strains. I’m keen to find others who had low and high risk hpv.

Yep, I got warts (low risk HPV strain) aged 19. I then read about HPV and learned of the high risk strains and therefore wanted to get the vaccine. I paid privately for a HPV test and learned I was also high risk HPV positive, therefore I did not get the vaccine at that time (incidentally I have ended up getting it 14 years later following my LLETZ procedure). I got rid of the warts back when I was 19 and only had one or two warts in the 14 years since which I have had frozen off. I have tested consistently positive for HPV on my smears since turning 25 and had LLETZ in June finally. I am awaiting my TOC.

Thank you. Have you tested positive for high and low risk hpv recently or did any strains go at any point? I’m wondering if it’s harder to clear if there are multiple strains.

I’ve never been tested for low risk strains, I have just received treatment for warts when they arise, so I don’t know if that strain has ever been negative. The last time I had a singular wart was 2018. I have tested positive every single year basically for high risk strain(s) though. I’ve never been told which strain(s) I have.
Please note I have been immunosuppressed since 2016 from Crohn’s disease treatment.

Thank you for your reply. I had warts appear and decided to pay privately to find out which strains I have. That’s really because I tested negative for hpv last year so was curious as to whether I was now testing positive, which I was.
It is interesting you’ve had so few warts since your first outbreak. I had loads of warts appear in June which I had removed with electrocautery, cryotherapy and cream. They appear to have gone but I don’t know if I might have any internal ones. I’m hoping they do not comeback as it was quite distressing.