Will I get warts?

Hi all,

I had my smear in November of last year, tested positive for high risk HPV and had LLETZ treatment in December and am waiting anxiously for my check up smear in June. I’m wondering if Anyone can put my mind at rest. I’m very paranoid that I’m now going to get warts (I know it may sound silly) but is high risk HPV different to the types that cause warts?

Thanks in advance xxx

Hi chococat, 

I'm pretty sure that I have read that there are almost 100strains of hpv,  not all cause warts, and  not all cause cervical  cell changes. 

I would suggest you call gp to ask what strain you have.  

On a positive note, I would have thought warts would have appeared by now, if they were going to. 


 Bren x