Any advice, colposcopy today. Growth on cervix??

Hello everyone. Can I give you some back ground info and see if any one can offer some reassurance.

about a year ago I started to have spotting from the vagina after bowel movements. It would only really happen if I had to strain particularly hard. 

My gp sent me for an ultra sound that I assumed was fine as I heard nothing back. 

I was told when pregnant that I had an erosion so I assumed this was the cause of bleeding so put it to the back of my mind. (My youngest is now 18 months)

This spottig has never gone away but has always been only after straining harder than normal.

my last cycle was 2 weeks late which is not usual for me at all, and during this time I spotted after every bowel movement. My gp said she could see a small growth on my cervix and referred me on to gyne. She did say she wasn’t particularly worried about it but best to get it checked.

ive been for a colposcopy today, the doctor said before that he would remove any polyps and if he “saw anything” he would take a biopsy.

he found no polyps but did take a biopsy. Nothing else was really said, just wait for the results. I wish I’d asked more.

is it possible to have a growth and it not be cancer?

im so scared. I have two babies. 

Sorry for such a long story. 

Hey Marie, sorry to hear you are having such a tough time and I know the wait can be horrible. Try to be assured that many "growths" could be something very simple like a cyst, fibroids etc. Most of these things are easily treated, well done for making sure you get checked. I really hope you get good results soon x