Growths on cervix

Hi all, am looking for anyone who may have had similar symptoms to myself to hear they’re outcome! Good or bad I’d rather prepare myself

So I’ve had irregular bleeding, missed periods, spotting between them etc for a few years. Over the past 6-9 months I’ve started bleeding after or during sex. Also I find sex sometimes uncomfortable or even painful, and I’m having a lot of watery discharge, enough to need to wear a pad most days. I went to see my GP several times and after many visits they finally agreed to do a cervical examination which I had last Friday (4th March). The doctor said I had 4 growths on my cervix as well as it being inflamed. He then said he was referring me to a gynaecologist for a colposcopy as an emergency to check for cervical cancer.
Obviously this in itself has made me worry just hearing the C word!
My appointment for the colposcopy and biopsy is this Friday (18th March) so it’s all been done very quickly.

My question is basically has anyone had my symptoms with the ‘growths’ and what was the outcome? Obviously I’m aware that I won’t know anything 100% until I have my tests done and the results are back
Any advice or stories (like I say good or bad) would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you xx


I was referred for urgent colposcopy back in Feb for a growth/lump on my cervix. Also get back pain, pain during sex and lots of discharge.

Gp told me there was a lot of abnormal areas she could see.  When i had colposcopy a week and a half after seeing gp who did the referral the colposcopist said he could see lump and took biopsy and referred me for ultrasound.... he didnt really say what he saw.

Anyway, i havent had my biopsy results back (4.5 weeks and waiting) but i had my ultrasound last week and the dr explained a lot to me.  She said that the lump is a nabothian cyst and is quite common esp. If you have had kids. She also said one of my ovaries is in slightly wrong place (tucked behind something) and i also have polycystic ovaries(which she said could explain pain in back &during sex)... she also checked my notes and said that the colposcopist said i have ectropian cervix. 

Good luck for Fri, hope it turns out to be nothing serious xx

Thanks for your reply. It's nice to hear it could be nothing to serious xx

Hi Rebecca,

I didn't want to read and not post. I can't comment on your situation as I havnt experienced it but try to take every day as normal.. like you say you don't know until your results ect. 

I just didn't want to read and not put anything. I know you must be worrying..try not to worry too much and I hope everything goes well for you 


Had my colposcopy today. Biopsy taken waiting for results now. Hope they don't take to long? how long has everyone else had to wait?