Growth found on cervix at cervical screening

Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I went for my smear test on Friday 5th and the nurse didn't do it as she could see a growth (mass of tissue) on my cervix which she said shouldn't be there and has referred me straight to coloscopy. I have cervical extropion too which I have had for at least 3 years but have been told thats nothing to worry about. I something have bleeding and pain after sex but not all the time.

Has anyone else had this, what was the outcome? How long did you wait to be see ?




Heya I haven't experienced a growth but I have been referred to colposcopy as I may be experiencing cervical erosion aswell.

i am just waiting for my results to come though and a date for colposcopy.

for my first smear I waited for about 2 weeks for my results and then maybe a week or so after for my colposcopy date, thing time scales vary depending on where you live. 



Thanks for replying Laura.

The nurse didn't do the smear test hust referred me straight away. Hopefully will come through this week.

Hope yours comes through quick too xx


Ohh I see! It's great that she has referred you, when the nurse referred me I did think oh no something serious is going on down there but I feel reassured that she is doing her job properly

fingers crossed our results come through soon!


Hi. My gynecologist told me i have cervical ectrophy so she performed a cervical biopsy with pap smear. I have been experiencing on and off cramps and back pain. my period came early this month though i have no spotting the previous month. My cycle is also regular. i spotted a bit right after sex and that prompted me to see my gyne. No pain during sex. I am waiting for my results but im so scared from all the symptoms i have read. It could mean this and that. im 44 yrs old. i hope to find support here. My doctor wants to do colposcopy after the biopsy just to be sure although shes inclining more with cervicitis. Im so scared.