Anxious wait for Colposcopy results and further procedure

I had a colposcopy 3 weeks ago where they took a biopsy. I was told before hand that I have a high level of abnormal cells, next step is Cancer and they are spread out over my Cervix. I will be getting a procedure to remove these early next year. I dont know what procedure or when ill be getting my results. In fact i know very little about the whole thing, which i am finding very unsettling. Very few people know but when i try to speak to a close friend or family member, they just say 'you will be ok'. All i want to do it talk about it but their response makes me feel like im silly for being worried so then i say no more or make a joke. I am feeling very alone.


i am in a similar situation,i understand waiting for results is torture! I had my colposcopy last frisay,the doc advised me after looking that there is no obvious signs of cancer,she took 2 biopsys,one was looking not to bad,the other severe,she said she would be intouch in the New year to get a procedure of how they will remove the cells,i feel like i am stalking the post man each day! Try to keep buisy,it would be great if we get to know the results before xmas,just thought i would say Hi and its perfectly normal to want to do express concern,it is scary,we just need to try keep our heads up,easier said than done,will keep my fingers crossed for you,

Take care and be kind to yourself :) 

Hi LAG03 were you given a contact telephone number for your clinical nurse specialist? They will know about your individual case and may be able to give you more information.

Hope this helps