Antidepressant for menopause

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to see if anyone is or has been in a similar situation to me at the moment. I finished treatment almost 2 years ago now (almost 3 years from RH) and am struggling abit with menopause. I feel like i am losing my mind. Its not a constant thing just every now and again. My mood swings are absolutely awful and when Im experiencing one I cant seem to get myself out of it! Ive gained a tonne of weight and I have no interest in intimacy with my partner, its like I just can’t be bothered with anything.

We have also had a bereavement in the family recently so Im thinking its a mix of grief and dealing with menopause and life after cancer in general.

Ive spoken to my GP today and she has prescribed me a low dose antidepressant to take alongside my HRT. She believes it will really help with mood swings. So Im just wondering if anyone else is on this type of treatment and if so if it has helped?

I’m getting on my own nerves so I dont know how my partner puts up with me at the moment haha.

Any help/advice appreciated.

Amy :blush:

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Hey lovely

Menopause is such fun eh?

I’ve just been give some antidepressants for my menopause. I can let you know how I get on.

My menopause seems to relate to horrible hot flushes. I don’t have mood swings and I weight gain hasn’t happened yet no matter what I eat :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears: taken me from 1/11 to now to get from 47 to 54 kgs

Hopefully others will be able to help now

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Hi, aww thank you for replying.
Its awful isn’t it, especially when your only in your 30’s like me :frowning_face:
I havent suffered too much with the hot flushes recently, they were worse for me just after my hysterectomy but seemed to have settled now.

Sorry to hear you are struggling with weight, it’s crazy how it effects us all differently isnt it. Hopefully these antidepressant will help us both :crossed_fingers:xx

Hey lovely @Amyr17

Wanted to follow up as the tablets didn’t work for me. Took 1 with food and 15 mins later I had 4 rounds of vomiting (couldn’t make it to the bathroom so it on my stairs, walls and landing)

Needless to say I’ve not taken them since.


Aww no Im sorry they haven’t worked for you :pensive: Can you ask for a lower dose at all?
My GP has prescribed me 20mg of fluoxetine and so far I have been ok with them. Ive only had them for just over a week though so that could change!
Hope you’re feeling a bit better now xx

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Feeling much better now. I had a look and my tablets are 37.5mg

Maybe that is too much for my system to handle. Really pleased they are working for you x

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Im glad you’re feeling better now. Maybe ask your GP to lower the dose see if that helps?
Maybe they just gave you too much to start with? Xx

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