Anti depressants for menopause?

Hey girls , i was in with my team yesterday ans saying the hot flushes and sweats are getting to me so they offered me antidepressants instead of hrt because it wont effect my hormones, i had adenocarcinoma so they wont prescribe hrt , has any one else used the antidepressants to help with there symptoms? Melissa x x

I was prescribed some for the hot flashes, but the first lot I tried made me feel nauseous - and I'd had enough of that after chemo and radio - so I was prescribed new ones but was too scared to take them cuz I didn't want to be sick. So unfortunately I can't say whether they help from personal experience but I have read that some women do get relief from them.

Hi Meme34,

I have been taking antidepressants since my early thirties. I am now 53, monthly cycle stopped 3 years ago and in those 3 years I can confirm I have not suffered hot flushes or sweats. I can only think this is down to the antidepressants. My anti-depressant did make me feel nauseous for the first day or so of taking but that's all. Hope this helps xx