Another 3 month check

Hi ladies

Just wanting to say getting very scared as another check up is January 3. I worry about them finding something. Also seeing all the post about the new ladies with recurrence scares me even more. I pray all u r well:-)

All the best next Wednesday on your checkup. 

Hi mmouse123

the few weeks and days leading up to checkups are very difficult as we all try to be brave but inside we are all screaming with the anxiety of the big "what if". Try to stay busy and enjoy something positive and motivating everyday to keep your mind in a good state. 

This is something we all deal with so you are not alone in this. It can be very upsetting when you read a post about a recurrence. Try to remember that there are so many that have been doing well but they have moved on with their lives and aren't posting anymore as they don't need the support. Some of us stick around as it seems to be a place where we can feel less alone in this journey. 

You are now at the part of the journey where the mental part is the most important as you must stay positive and tell yourself you are fine. Take a deep breath and try not to panic. You can get through this next few days. Tell yourself you got this. 

Sending postive vibes your way. 

Good luck on the 3rd


Thank u Bexter and Lolli888 for the suppot. It makes me feel a little better to know i am not alone :-)

Hi ladies

Went for check up. She ask questions and listened to lungs and felt stomach and said c u in six months unless i have issues. Thank u for the support. Pray all is well u all of u :-)

Thats great news Laughing

That's great news! Yay, happy for you.



Great to read this as we were o the same journey- you were slightly ahead of me x 

Thank you Natcog.  Pray all is well for u:-).