Three monthly check

Hi Everyone,

 I have my first three monthly check in April after having a radical hysterectomy for 1b1 cc, I  was just wondering what to expect.

Thank you in advance.

Hi hun

At my 3 month check my consultant just asked how I was feeling..etc and how things were healing and also done an internal examination. I found it helped to write any concerns you have down before hand so that you don't forget any questions while you are in there. Good luck xxxc

Hi Cazzie, 

Hope you are doing ok lovely? 

I didn't have the same treatment as you, but same as Kazza said, write anything you think of down prior to going so you dont forget. I wrote about 6 questions down whilst i was sat in the waiting room at my first review. 



Hi KazzaG,

Thank you for the advice I really appreciate it. I’ve already started to write a few questions down I’m sure I’ll have a list of questions as long as my armLaughing. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the internal though.xx

Hi Bumblebee,  

I’m ok thank you. How ar you? I’m glad you had a positive results at your six monthly check up. It’s such a relief when you hear good news. I’ve started a list of questions to ask my consultant. I think it’s the not knowing what to expect what unhidges me. I’m sure I’ll be fine and hopefully less apprehensive at my next three monthly check.xx

Got my fingers and everything crossed for you. It's horrible waititng and you are right, it's not knowing which is awful but having a list of things to ask helps to feel prepared in some ways. Thanks :) yes it gives you that hope back when you hear a bit of positive news doesn't it! 

Good luck lovely xxx

Sending you positive waves lovely! Mine isn't until May but I'm already freaking out. 


Everything crossed for you!


Kate x

Thank you Bumble bee and Kate. Your support is much appreciated.xx

Hi Kate how are you doing? it’s the waiting again what’s the worst. Try and stay positive 

big hugs xx

Not too bad, a few pains from the radiotherapy but other than that enjoying the lighter nights and (I'm jinxing it) sunshine 


Hi Caz,

I hope things are still going well for you following your check up? My story is very similar to yours however  a month or so behind you in your journey. Please could you let me know what to expect at my first 3 month check uP? im usually a very level headed, calm and positive person but this process seems to be completely overwhelming me in waves!! 

Many thanks Clare x

Hi Clare,

 I’m fine thank you my three monthly check wasn’t as bad as I thought my consultant just checked inside then had a prod around it was a bit uncomfortable but again not as bad as I was expecting. I told her  about the concerns I had but she didn’t seem overly worried, she asked if I had any swelling in my legs. She also said she would do a vault smear at my next three monthly check up. I hope that puts your mind at rest write any concerns down as if you are anything like me your mind goes into mush when in a stressful situation. Good luck let me know how you get on. You are more than welcome to inbox me with any questions or concerns. 

Caroline xx