All done, at home!!!

Hi, Staying at my mums now after treatment finished, 25 radio, 5 chemo, 4 brachy, tired loads.

Just wanted advice on how to stay comfortable, I have burns on my back and between bum cheeks, sore when I wee and poop, everything swollen down below!!!, taking sickness tablets still as I feel icky throughout the day, whats the best painkillers? I've been taking paracetamol but it doesn't seem to ease the discomfort, please any advice, just want at least a little part of me back.x. 

Hi Caroline,

Glad you are back safe.I used natural aloe vera and sudacrem for my burns.

Also used moist wipes instead of toilet roll,because I was going so much!!!

I used codeine aswell as paracetamol,still do,but if you haven't got loose

stools be careful as it can give you constipation.

As usual,sleep,eat what you fancy, and drink LOADS!!!!Stops the cystitis.

Ginger and lemon tea is very good for sickness,and is good over ice too.

Be kind to yourself honey.

Becky x