1 wk down 4 more to go

Well after me being so scared of my treatment it has not been to bad just feeling a little bit sick from the chemo but anti sickness tabs our helping just wondering is there any think else I could take to help with the sickness feeling . Thanks in advance xx.   1 wk of treatment done only 4 more to go :(:( x

I can't answer your question I'm afraid but just wanted to say a big "well done you!" The next 4 weeks will wizz past! Xx

Well done you!

Not so bad is it :-)

What tablets are you on? I was on Emend and they worked a treat for me.



Hi there,

I cannot comment , but I saw your post and I just wanted to wish you all the best . Hope everything goes well for you x x 


well done to you, thank you for keeping us posted, how long were the treatment sessions ?  I'm having my tats on Tuesday and will be given my start date.

Good luck and big hugs xxx

I was put into emend on my second week as I felt so sick. They worked great I felt fine for the rest of my treatment.

drinking lots and lots of water too. Good luck with the rest of your treatment. 4 weeks will fly by..

Am on 3 days of dexamethasone steroids and anti sickness tabs called domperidome my chemo was hour and quarter and the rads it's only about 3 mins it take longer to get in the right position I have a tilted pelvis am feeling much better today been eating ginger biscuits and plenty of aloe juice x

Thats what I was on first.. I understood it that they give that as standard then if there is any sickness that's when you change to something a little stronger. Emend was brilliant for me. Totally agree about the radio taking longer to get into the right position. 1  30 was that with all the fluids too..

good luck.

I found all different types of fruit juice helped I felt that the sicky feeling came from feeling like I had a film all round my mouth. I couldn't stomach tea but loads of weird and wonderful fruit juice combinations were brilliant, I got wee juicer and a strawberry lime and mint concoction done it for me. Ginger and lemon tea always went down well too, and if you experience any cystitis a wee cranberry capsule helps too xx

Also what Helen said they can change the anti sickness as my specialist nurse did say I shouldnt feel sick for me it was more this horrible coating in my mouth which I think was from the steroids :) xx

Thank you lady's for your advice xxx

is it normal to start bleeding during treatment just a bit worried x

If I were you I would mention the bleeding as soon as you arrive at the hospital on Monday. Not that I think it's anything serious but it's simply that I haven't a clue and your team should be made aware of every little thing.

Be lucky :-)


Hi ladies I hope you don't mind me joining you, I start my treatment tomorrow with my first chemo on Tuesday, feeling a bit apprehensive about it all but have found your comments very helpful 5 weeks seems forever at the moment


Welcome Del, you have come to the best place for advice and support, like yourself, my  Radio treatment starts tomorrow with Chemo on Friday.

Good luck, keep us posted.

Big hugs xx

I start my 3rd wk tomorrow and must say it's not as bad as I Thourt my only side affect is the feeling sick and tired but I do have a 7 month old baby keeping me busy the anti sick pills r a god send I take them even when I don't feel sick to keep on top of it would just like to say good luck with your treatment Diane and del26 xxx

Well thats day one over with only 24 more to go.....chemo day changed to Wed now. Positive thoughts ladies lets get through this and would just like to say what a wonderful site this is for help and support. Good luck everyone x


My money says that when the five weeks is up you're going to miss the routine ;-)

Be lucky


I wouldn't bet on that one Tivoli I have an hour and 15 mins travel to the hospital as couldn't be treated in my local one. Would just like to say though I had my first chemo today and couldn't praise the staff enough I know its a long way to travel but wow are they organised and I do feel I couldn't be in safer hands which as a confidence booster thats great. I know things will get worse as the weeks go on but so far so good.

Keep positive ladies and good luck to all

I'm still betting on that one :-) I had to travel up on Sunday night and home again on Friday afternoon - total journey time between seven and ten hours each way. Stayed in a youth hostel during the week and the journey from there to hospital was two buses. And I still missed it when it was over.

Be lucky :-)