2 weeks after treatment

Hi Ladies, i hope everyone is doing well. Im 2 weeks post treatment for 2b squamous cell carcinoma 25 rads 2 chemo and 3 bracky. My backs still in torture like sciatica from 3rd week of treatment, my bowels well… Ive been constipated from beginning and getting worse instead of better. I have been using luxtaxe to help but cant use it forever, also still have the metalic taste in my mouth n feel nausea, anyone else the same or similar?

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Hi Lesley,

I’m afraid I can’t be of much help but wanted to suggest discussing other options for the laxatives and asking about perhaps microenemas and/or suppositories, you might need a combination

Hi @alwaystheweekend Have tried everything over past 6 weeks,its jus got worse over past few weeks, takes three days of drinking drinks for movements , i just want bk to normal lol well as normal as can be. Hope your keeping well x

Hey Lesley , I finished treatment 3 1/2 years ago. I remember after treatment my stomach was a wreck too, but mine was the opposite of yours I had loose stool. I started taking probiotics & within a couple weeks it slowly started get back on track. I heard magnesium is good for constipation , I have been on magnesium oxide 400 mg since treatment. They put me on it because it’s supposed to be good for nerves & stuff. I think the magnesium probably contributed to some of the loose stool at the time but I didn’t realize it, because I heard later after it could be hard on the stomach until your body gets used to it. As far as the back goes, I would say to do some light stretching. Just rest up & take things slowly

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Hi @Rissag , yeah everyone ive spoken to has had runs, but for me total opposite, feel like im retraining my bowels, will speak to doctor and see if i can get it prescribed. Hopefully it helps. was thinking about yoga but not sure if its too early as im in torture with my back n hips x

Aww Lesley I sure hope things start improving shortly, remember your still early days from treatment so try not to stress too much. Maybe a heating pad might help the back?

Hi @Rissag , hot water bottle fab though my walking not so great due to pain n muscle spasms. Just goin take each day at time. Thank you for reply x

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