5/6 weeks Post Chemo/Rads/Brachy

Hi gorgeous ladies .....

Hope you are all ok & loving this weather.....  I am nearly 6 weeks post treatment, and seem to be doing really well.  My bowels have really calmed down, my bladder doesn't seem to be as weak as it was, my tiredness is getting better & I have just started at the gym on a rehab programme to get some sort of fitness back after doing nothing for over 2 months .... In fact I feel like a fraud not going back to work until early September, but I had no time off once I was diagnosed until the start of my treatment, so am going to make sure I am perfectly well enough to start back - phased return.  The reason I'm posting is that my stomach is quite swollen - before treatment it was really flat - I expect this is normal after treatment, due to all what has/is happening inside.  Also, my hips, back & legs ache ... More towards the end of the day ...if I sit down & watch tele for a while - I feel like an old lady trying to get up again .... Is this normal?  I go to see my oncologist on 2/8 - 2 weeks tomorrow - little nervous but eager to see him too....

Love Sam


Hi Sam,

Wow, time has passed really quickly! Sounds like you are doing really well.  Make sure you make the most of the wonderful weather and rest up until its time to go back to work.  With hindsight I think I went back a little too early but I've coped ok.  Still get bouts of tiredness and bowel trouble but the biggest thing for me has been the pain in my hips and I'm the same - really stiff after sitting so not good at work!  Have also developed terrible pain in other joints.  Recently had my 3 month check and all is good.  Had blood tests which revealed that my oestrogen is non existent and so consultant thinks my joint pain outside hip area is due to menopause.  Have had no hot flushes or anything like that so I guess this is my bodies reaction to it all.  Wanted to start running again but have only been out a couple of times and just get so tired.  May try again in the autumn when it coold down and see how I go.

Good luck at the oncologist appt on 2/8 - you are bound to be nervouse but all will be good and before you know it you will have your results and will be celebrating.


Lovely to hear from you