4 weeks post treatment and side effects

is this normal for the past two days ive had lower back pain where I struggle to move And im back to having lose stools again is this normal 4 weeks after treatment finishes as I never really had any side effects during my treatment 

Hi Charmaine,


Id say it is pretty normal. I finished treatment about six months ago. I too ended up with a very sore back - my oncologist said it was due to the radiotherapy and gentle stretching was the best thing for it but it could take up to several years to return to normal. 

Ive  never had problems with diarrhoea but I believe lots of people do ........ I take several codeine tablets for leg pain so that probably keeps my bowels in check so to speak. 


Hopefully your symptoms will be short lived,

all the best! 

Yeah, I finished in Feb and still get aches and pains every day.


I only get squits if I eat anything remotely spicy 



I’m 6 months post treatment and still get some aches in my hips and I have had to work hard to get some reasonable flexibility again.

i need to go to the loo more urgently as well, but both are getting better.

slowly slowly is the key xxx

I finished treatment in Feb and I have the worst wind *ever* like I swear they should harvest it and power cars with it! :D



I’ve had bad wind too my partner he just laughs as he finds it funny my ache in back has now eases off so think I was just worried over nothing 

I just finished treatment on Friday and I’m currently in bed exhausted with sore bowel and burny bum. 

Had 16 bowel movements yesterday and about 7 today so far Which is now diarrhoea. I feel horrible and exhausted it’s really getting me down