Treatment goes on.....

Hi ladies,

A bit of a catch up and after advice for next treatment please.

Finished chemoradiation on 22/05/13 - overall not to many side effects during treatment apart from my bowels not knowing if they were coming or going!!! anti-sickness tablets gave me horrendous constipation and had to take a lot of laxido just to get anything lol and then about 4 weeks in it turned on its head and out came the loperamide!! - after chatting to by radiotherapy nurse I took the loperamide once daily from that point and it wasn't too bad.had 1 slight bladder infection but a quick course of antibiotics soon bought it under control. The chemo wasn't too bad but could not have the last dose due to very low wbc.

Had 1 brachytherapy on the 31/05/13 and this was slightly uncomfortable but think the idea of anyone actually being down there!!! caused me to tense up but then was that not to be expected!! Left with my leaving present of some rather lovely dialators but told to wait a couple of weeks to let the area heal - so as of today have not had the pleasure of using these yet - hovever I was warned that I would not be able to go above the 3rd size as apparently it is quite small down there - so this is making me quite anxious about using them - has anyone else had this issue?

The one side effect I have been left with at the moment is really bad indegestion on a daily basis having to take omeprazole twice a day and it feels like I have a constant lump in my throat and that feeling you get after you have been sick, this apparently is from the cisplatin is there anything else I can take to help get over this?

As my subject says my treatment goes on - after a long discussion with my lovely oncologist we have decided due to the type of tumour/cancer I have I will now have chemotherapy - this is not because of cnacer still being there but to help with lowering the chance of it coming back - locally and elsewhere in my body, so I will be having 4 treatments over a 12 week period which i think will start early july, due to see my oncologist at the end of this month so will get dates then. Am a little anxious, but just keep trying to remain positive and remember this is for the good. Does anyone know personally how this might make me feel? 

Sorry for the length of this but I always find once I start writing it down its like a weight being lifted off my shoulders and I also then remember I am not alone in this.



Hi Naomi,

I was wondering how you’re getting on so thanks for updating. I hope you’re doing ok too and managing to enjoy the sunshine we’ve had.

Good to hear they’re giving you extra treatment to keep you healthy in the long term. Just wanted to wish you best of luck with it :slight_smile:

Sorry I can’t answer any of the symptom questions but I’m sure someone who can will do soon.

Take care xx

Hi Naomi,

Well done you - I didnt have the extra chemo and had a different tumour type but do know a lady who I'm pretty sure had the same diagnosis as you so if you would like me to get some info or get her to contact you I can (she doesn't use the forum).  I can however answer question about the dilators.  I have not gone beyond the 3rd size and my vagina has definitly narrowed and shortened and this is one of the biggest issues fro me right now.  Just take your time and build up gradually and use plenty of lubrication.  I also got Replens but haven't yet gt into the habit of using it regularly but I really must as it works on the tissues inside and will help soften and soothe etc.  If you want to ask me anything feel free to pm if you dont feel comfotable in the wider forum but either way am happy to answer honestly as this really helped me when I was in treatment and shortly afterwards.


Good luck Sweetie



Hi Naomi,

Just wanted to wish you luck with your next phase of treatment. Keep writing it down if it helps - there's no such thing as too long a psot as far as I'm concerned.

btw - I started using Replens recently and it certainly does help although I think I need to find a way to warm it up before putting it in. A cold deposit up the hoohoo is not really a pleasant sensation.Wink

Good luck x



Hi im newley diagnosed with this rare form of cancer as well as the other two forms. Chemo statrts monday 12/08/13 and i little bit nervy as to how i will react. I am normally the one who takes care of my 5,2 and 6 month old full time so seems a little strange handing over some responsibility to friends and family. Just wondered when did you feel at your worst after chemo. Im having two courses of that then chemoradiation for 5 weeks daily then two more sessions of chemo. I am scared tho that i can not get rid of it completly due to the aggressiveness. I am at stage 1b1, not required hysterectomy jsut five months of tgruelling treatment.