Advice needed - Thank you

Hi, I just want to start off by saying how amazing the ladies are on this site. I've been reading through some of the posts and the courage and support is just heart warming. My story so far seems so silly to be worried about, but guess it's in our nature. I had a smear in early April at the same time as a full mot of my lady bits as I suspected I had genital warts (tiny weeny bumps) I was right, and they froze them off (have since returned twice though, treating with warticon cream, lovely stuff!) I remember feeling embarrassed as when they swabbed me there was blood on the cotton wool, being mid cycle thought it was odd, so I apologised! Lol. 10 days after I received a letter from the hospital stating abnormal cells were detected and I was to go for a colposcopy on 22nd April. Boy, that was fun. Subsequently received a text from clinic, all negative, phew! Just before the coposcopy I asked why I had a text saying negative as there is obviously something wrong. She replied 'oh no, your high risk that's why you're here!' - oh right, would have been nice to know. I asked to watch the screen and could see when they put the acid on a white shining area which was my cervix. Thought this was normal (stupidly) then the iodine test, could only see very, very small areas of dark brown, all the rest was yellowish, thought this was a good sign (stupidly!) They advised me they were going to do some biopsies, they did 7 including one higher up, one nurse distracted me with chit chat, work etc, but I overheard the consultant point out her colleague 'look there's one leision there'. I vaguely looked at the screen, trying to spot it. The consultant explained they could see some changes and it would be likely I would need treatment.The whole thing took 40mins, I left thinking all would be fine and pondered what it was for couple of days, then pushed the whole thing to the back of my mind. Was told 3-4 weeks for results, just before 2 weeks went by I got the letter - Cin3. We will discuss this along with your low grade referral at our monthly meeting on 2nd June. Fab. Started googling, not my best move! I am a bit concerned about the fact I feel the odds are stacked against me, I smoke (know I need to stop but in a vicious circle) I have HSV type 1(diag. 18yrs), erythema nodosum (diag. 15yrs) so my immune system is not the best. I have been on the pill since I was 15 (turn 29 in June) I had sex young, and had a few partners in my quest for 'the one' ! I rang the nurse for some reassurance and to be fair she was great, she said they will discuss weather to do a lletz or leave it for 6 months. This is what I think is odd, why hang about?! It's my understanding that all cin3 should be treated. In the past ive had the odd bit of spotting in between periods, after sex too, put that down to being near my period or something. 5 weeks past colp I have had heavy bleeding after sex (mid cycle) My back and stomach aches, not unusual for me, I fell 25ft off a wall onto concrete steps 5 years or so ago so have always assumed its down to that, didn't break though, was a miricle really. Also had a ruptured stomach ulcer (21mm) in Feb 2013, so tummy issues haven't really raised any suspicions until now, same with my hips and back. I haven't told the doctors this as don't want to appear like I'm overreacting. After all, chances are its nothing more sinister. But can't seem to shift this gut feeling something bad is going to happen. The chances of me having erythema are 1/100,000. But I have it. My luck isn't great, never has been. The strength of ladies on here who are going through treatment and have been diagnosed are truly inspiring, I'm holding onto all that positivity, so thank you. Any advice/comments would be so appreciated. Thanks for reading. Wishing everyone the best of luck. Xxx

Hi there,

I'm sorry you're going through all this and that you have other health worries. I'm not a health professional but I was under the impression that CIN3 is usually treated and not left for 6 months, do you're right in what you are assuming. If it's something like CIN1 they often will leave it because the cells often go back to normal, but that is less likely with CIN3. If it were me, I would be asking them to remove it or if they won't seeking a second opinion, which your GP could arrange

I totally understand how scary all this is, but please hold on to the fact the vast majority of women are successfully treated with one LLETZ. 

All the best, let us know how you get on.

Take care x

Hi twilight, thank you so much for your reply, really means a lot. I will wait till 2nd June and hope they choose to do lletz, if not I will push for this to happen. Thanks for your reassurance in this. I know the chances are in my favour of it being nothing worse and they will likely remove all the abnormal cells soon. I wish I hadn't left the smear so long now, just had other stuff going on. Sounds silly but if I hadn't suspected the warts and gone I don't know how long I'd of left it, I was about a year overdue. But the fact remains I'm in the system and hopefully I will get treatment soon. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again Xx

Hello, I just wanted to wish you all the best for your appointment this week. Let us know how you on.

Take care x

Aww Thank you twilight! I am hopefully getting a call tomorrow to tell me when the treatment will be, I hope I don't have to wait much longer for it, if they say they are going to wait 6 months I will kick up a fuss! Lol. Thanks for your support, I will update tomorrow on what they say. Take care xxx

Nurse just called and confirmed they will do a lletz in next 3-4 weeks. I have been to the docs today as having a lot of pelvic pain in lower left side, tested my pee, not pregnant, have got another uti, this has been off and on constantly since Nov last year. I briefly saw the letter from the hospital when I was there, it said severe dyskariosis with glandular involvement, no cgin detected. No obvious signs of malignancy - so that's good right? She scrolled the letter twice so I double checked. I also wanted to ask if its normal to have heavy bleeding after sex 5 weeks post colposcopy? Also been having really watery discharge (sorry tmi!) In fact yesterday morning I got out of bed and thought I had wet myself, it had a clear pinky tinge to it, not pee though, that was a different colour altogether and no bad smell. Is that normal after colposcopy? My colp was on 22nd April. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance and best wishes to everyone xx

Hi, I'm glad you've got an appointment. Hope that you've been able to speak to a GP about the discharge?

Take care xx

Hi twilight, I'm in a mess today. I got a call last Monday the 2nd June to say they had reviewed my case at MDT and they will send a letter out to have lletz in next 3-4 weeks for cin3. Well, I got a call from the hospital today to say they have a space come up this Thursday (in 2 days!) And they want me in then. The nurse said I was to bring a sample with me, I asked what for and she said to check I am not pregnant. I didn't ask why. She also said it was noted down that I should make sure I bring someone with me. This has really taken me by suprise and I am so worried about why they need to know if I am pregnant?! Also the fact they gave me first refusal on the next available appointment. Is all that just normal procedure?? Part of me is glad that it will be sorted out quick and part is just plain scared. I have a bladder infection and my gp did a preg test last week but they said they still need to do one. Are they thinking I may need a hysterectomy???! Please help!! Xx

Only just seen this and wanted to wish you all the best for today. I know it's easier said than but try not to panic. It probably doesn't feel a good thing to be seen sooner, but at least means not waiting another few weeks. LLETZ involves removing some of the cervix with a special wie, plus they take some extra tissue to hopefully remove all the abnormailty. If you were pregnant, this may affect what they could do (hence asking). The appointment being brought forward may simply be down to them making sure you're treated within their guidelines as they do seem to have messed you about when normally CIN 3 is treated straight away, and having someone with you after LLETZ is normal as you can be affected by it (for example I was very wobbly afterwards).

Lets us know how you get on, take care x

Thank you again for your support twilight! I do feel better today if a little bit nervous! I will come back later and let you know how it went Xxx